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If anything can top the exhilaration of 4-wheeled F1 cars screaming by at over 300 km/h, it’s the gasp-inducing thrill of the 2-wheeled version: the top riders on the planet perched atop state-of-the-art racing bikes, defying the laws of nature as they lean into their turns. No wonder MotoGP™ is the world’s premier motorcycle racing championship, and the oldest motorsport series in the world.

As Official Logistics Partner since 2015, DHL is proud to manage the logistics for MotoGP™, Moto2™ and Moto3™. Working closely with Dorna Sports and the various teams and suppliers, our motorsport logistics pros ensure that 350 tons of critical equipment and supplies arrive intact and on time for each of 19 championship races on five continents. This includes temperature-controlled transport of finely tuned bikes, meticulous packing and handling of fragile parts, and customs clearance support to make sure there are no delays along the way.

We live for the thrill of back-to-back race weekends, when we only have 36 hours to move every piece of equipment from one race venue to the next – the perfect test of speed and precision. Sure, we can draw on 35+ years of motorsports logistics experience, but we also spend nearly 365 days of the year planning MotoGP logistics behind the scenes. It’s the race before the race – and we love every minute of it.

Oldest motorsport series in the world

Our partnership with MotoGP™ ensures that the world’s premier motorcycle championship is delivered seamlessly to tracks, teams and fans around the globe… on time, every time!

John Pearson

CEO, DHL Express

Oldest motorsport series in the world

I am very pleased to have reached this agreement with a company like DHL because the result will be very beneficial for both parties.

Pau Serracanta

Managing Director, Commercial Area, Dorna


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