Solving fashion's product returns

Circular Fashion Ecosystem Project Phase 2 – delivered by DHL

Findings from Phase 2 of the Circular Fashion Ecosystem project focuses on creating a roadmap for change by first discussing the issue of fashion returns, which is a very critical challenge impacting the sustainability of the industry.

“To arrive at a circular fashion economy, we need to challenge current systems and mitigate waste across all operations including product returns, which is hugely damaging to both business and the health of the planet”, Caroline Rush CBE, Chief Executive, British Fashion Council, says.

“For our first Circular Fashion Ecosystem Phase 2 Project, we investigated the reasons behind returns and explored features and policies that would reduce their need and associated impact. The research led us to two target outcomes which when combined, create a target state where the fashion industry can be held accountable for our products and enable a more responsible future.”

Target state: Minimised returns

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