2023 Cape Town E-Prix DHL

Female Empowerment Programme

Ahead of the E-Prix, our bespoke GoTeach programme offered an empowering series of workshops for 100+ girls from local organizations in Cape town including: Kraaifontein High School, SOS Children’s Villages, Teach the Nation, St Georges Home for Girls and Kay Mason Foundation.

Cape Town’s townships are still affected by the legacy of apartheid meaning attitudes towards gender are deeply ingrained; women and girls receive less education, work in lower-paying jobs and are subject to violence.

Our GoTeach workshops aimed to inspire young girls by showcasing how motorsports and logistics are for everyone, no matter your gender.

Over an action-packed few days, we were joined by a panel of inspiring female figures including Naomi Schiff to discuss their careers and offer insight into the opportunities available in the industry of logistics and motorsports for young women.

DHL’s GoTeach programme aims to improve employability by equipping young people with the skills and professional interactions needed to prepare them for the world of work.

Legacy Artwork – ‘Together’

We collaborated with local artist Sara Gaqa to empower females through art.

As part of the unique workshop, the girls were invited to make their mark on the piece of artwork, by writing one word that inspires them as a female.

The masterpiece was displayed at the Cape Town E-Prix on race day, before being donated to the community where it will continue to inspire young females in Kraaifontein.

Race Team Of The Future

The girls had the opportunity to pitch their 'race team of the future' to earn their spot in an exclusive race day experience.
Our talented winners joined us at the circuit to take part in a Pit Lane Walk and watch the racing action live from the grandstands.

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