DHL Fashion Potential Award

Powering up the potential of British fashion

This year, the award offers promising British Fashion businesses (registered with Companies House and incorporated after 1 January 2015) the support and guidance to aid their recovery and growth through these challenging times.

DHL Express UK has partnered with the British Fashion Council to power up the potential of British fashion. The winner will receive £20,000 prize money to deliver their international growth plan and follow in the footsteps of previous winners RIXO London, Hades and NAECO.

Entries will close on Wednesday 30 June.

Grow your fashion business webinar

Thursday 12 August 2021 at 10am

On Thursday 12 August 2021 we will be giving you the chance to hear from expert speakers on how you can grow your fashion business and discover ways you can unlock new opportunities to power up your potential.

Topics will include B2B E-commerce, International E-commerce and the Future of Fashion and Trade. The finalists of the DHL Fashion Potential Award will also be announced by a special guest.

To register for this webinar enter your name and email address in the entry form below, then tick the Sign me up box at the bottom of the form.

Considerations for your award entry

This year we would like entrants to contemplate the following areas in their application.


How does your fashion business consider its impact on the environment? Tell us if you are exploring circular business models, ethical design principles, innovative production processes, and waste reduction.

Do you represent equality, diversity and empowerment through your brand? Remember to explain how you practice considerate and fair treatment.

The fashion industry can have a positive impact on communities. Do you develop skills and craftsmanship or support local livelihoods?

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