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A Formula 1® pit stop is much more than just stopping, changing tires and accelerating away. Perfect planning and absolute precision at breathtaking speed are needed to get it right first time. Pit stops are just one example of how Formula 1 is a team sport.

The DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award was established in 2015 to recognize outstanding teamwork and performance from the unsung heroes who make a vital contribution to the drivers’ success on the track.


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Red Bull back on their A-game with the DHL Fastest Pit Stop of the season

Crazy temperatures, rain and crashes on the opening lap couldn’t stop the Red Bull mechanics crew! They almost broke their pit stop world record of 1.82 seconds at a tough Hungarian GP - a race that held little to no luck for them. Still, changing tires in 1.88 seconds meant that they scored their eighth DHL Fastest Pit Stop of the season.

After soaring temperatures on and off track and thunderstorms in the morning, all bets were off whether the track would still be wet during the F1 race. Then, only minutes before the start, the skies above the Hungaroring opened up, and down came the one thing that turns a race into a gamble – rain. The whole grid switched onto Intermediate tires and got into position behind pole sitter Lewis Hamilton, who had barely led the pack into Turn One when disaster struck.

Valtteri Bottas misjudged his braking point and slid into Lando Norris, who then hit the Red Bulls of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Behind, Lance Stroll went into the side of Charles Leclerc, who, in turn, made contact with Daniel Ricciardo and caused him to spin. In the Red Bull camp, Perez had to retire his car. Verstappen made it back to the pits, where his mechanics tried to fix the significant damage to the right-hand side.

They did their best to help him chase the points the team so desperately needed to stay in the fight for the championship, which earned them praise from Christian Horner for their quick work: “Full credit once again has to go to our mechanics who worked wonders to get Max’s car back out for the race. The temperatures were off the scale, and they had to straighten pipes and fix the right side as much as possible in very limited time, before nailing the fastest pit stop once again, which is quite remarkable.”

Fixing Verstappen’s car seemed to be a mere warm-up for the Red Bull crew, as they delivered two smooth stops under two seconds right after. When the Dutchman came in for his third tire change, the team performed the pit stop in 1.96 seconds, with a fourth pit stop in 1.88 seconds following. That secured them not only the DHL Fastest Pit Stop of the Hungarian GP, but also the fastest pit stop of the entire season so far.

Unfortunately for Red Bull, it became clear that despite the mechanics’ best efforts, the car was in no condition to get Verstappen on the podium. In the end, P9 and two points was all he could bring home. In the race for the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award, Red Bull maintain their huge advantage, leading Mercedes by 158 points.

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