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A Formula 1® pit stop is much more than just stopping, changing tires and accelerating away. Perfect planning and absolute precision at breathtaking speed are needed to get it right first time. Pit stops are just one example of how Formula 1 is a team sport.

The DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award was established in 2015 to recognize outstanding teamwork and performance from the unsung heroes who make a vital contribution to the drivers’ success on the track.

Baku City Circuit

Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2021

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Fastest Pit Stop Video

Stellar performance from Red Bull as they deliver their fourth DHL Fastest Pit Stop

Bad luck in Baku: After a tire failure caused him to crash and retire, Max Verstappen was forced to surrender a comfortable lead in an Azerbaijan Grand Prix he had dominated with ease. But there was at least one thing to be happy about! Verstappen and Red Bull still lead both the constructors’ and the drivers’ championships. They also delivered another speedy tire change, once again coming in at under 2 seconds and securing their fourth DHL Fastest Pit Stop of the 2021 season.

The Dutchman started from P3 and quickly turned his superior pace and clever tire management into an advantage against Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc up ahead. Moving past the Ferrari by lap 7, his pit crew’s mega time of 1.98 seconds helped him push past Hamilton by the exit of the pit lane in lap 13.

“It’s of course frustrating and very disappointing to retire with a tire blowout so close to the finish,” said Verstappen. “Sometimes you can hate this sport, for a few hours, and then I’ll be fine again. Up until that point, it was a great day and the car was on fire, I was just matching whatever I needed to do behind me. I was quite comfortably in the lead, and it would have been an easy win, but of course there are no guarantees in this sport.”

“Then in the end, we got a bit lucky because of Lewis going straight into Turn 1,” he added. “So we’re still leading the championship - but it’s not the way I want it to be. I wanted to really open up that gap today and win the race, because that would have been great for the team, but in the end Checo still won the race, so of course I'm very happy for him.”

With his closest rival Hamilton sliding off the track in Turn 1 two laps before the chequered flag and crossing the finish line in 16th place, Verstappen is still first in the drivers’ championship. While Red Bull extend their lead in the constructors’ standings thanks to a class act from Checo Perez, they also keep their grip on P1 in the DHL Fastest Pit Stop chart with 162 points.

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