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ABB FIA Formula E

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Combining the dash and panache of motorsports with ground-breaking green credentials, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship is the world’s first fully electric car-racing series. Launched in 2014, this riveting race series sees drivers compete in innovative, single-seater, open-wheel cars which are exclusively battery-powered. As a Founding Partner and Official Logistics Partner, DHL instinctively understood Formula E’s vision from the start. Both Formula E and DHL are committed to driving progress in sustainability and e-mobility and both share a pioneering spirit - something deeply ingrained in DHL’s DNA.

DHL & Formula E: A sustainable partnership

How Does DHL Transport Formula E Around The World?



23rd March 2019


Sanya E-Prix


13th April 2019


Rome E-Prix


27th April 2019


Paris E-Prix


11th May 2019


Monaco E-Prix


25th May 2019


Berlin E-Prix


22nd June 2019


Bern E-Prix

ABB FIA Formula E Insight

Formula E Season 5: A new era begins

Formula E Season 5: A new era begins

13 races, 12 cities, 5 continents, 1 brand new racing car: the ABB FIA Formula E series is about to enter a new era.

Formula E's Gen2 cars are considerably faster

Formula E's Gen2 cars are considerably faster

A milestone in technology: Gen2 racing cars are significantly faster than their predecessors.

DHL Driver of the Day Award

Fans can choose their DHL Driver of the Day after every ABB FIA Formula E race and thus recognize special performance out on the racetrack.

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It's all about sustainable solutions

We are delighted to have found such an experienced and reliable partner for our logistics needs as DHL.

Alejandro Agag

FIA Formula E Founder & CEO

It's all about sustainable solutions

The biggest impact you can have on your carbon footprint is by being more efficient in the way that you ship goods.

Pierluigi Ferrari

DHL Motorsport Deputy Managing Director

It's all about sustainable solutions

DHL’s partnership with Formula E is based on our shared commitment to a sustainable future.

Ken Allen

CEO DHL Express

Project Icecap

A glance into the future



The fully automated trolley is yet another revolutionary innovation that DHL has introduced during Formula E season 3.

DHL CamCopter

DHL CamCopter

The camera-mounted drone deliveres spectacular images of the Formula E race track.



What Formula E is to motor racing, the Hyperloop is in the field of transportation technology.

Zero emissions by 2050

Zero emissions by 2050

DHL announces ambitious new environmental protection target.

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DHL launches eChampions Award

DHL launches eChampions Award

DHL has teamed up with Formula E to create the eChampions Award to recognise the unsung heroes that work tirelessly behind the scenes to help make the all-electric racing series the fastest-growing form of motorsport in the world.

Mahindra Racing visit Singapore

Mahindra Racing visit Singapore

As winners of the DHL eChampions Award, Claudio Corradini and the Mahindra team traveled to Singapore where they visited the DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center and Nanyang Technology University.