Formula E

We made the world a little greener in Season 7

Yet another incredible season of Formula E has come to an end, and what a journey it’s been! Nyck De Vries was the eventual Formula E World Championship winner, but we ensured that Season 7 produced many more winners along the way as we showed how #EveryMoveCounts

Our DHL Visionaries competition introduced a platform to uncover young talent from around the world with sustainable and innovative visions. After six chosen finalists presented their ideas to a virtual panel of sustainability experts from Formula E, DHL and ABB, we found our two winners, William and Ahmed, who blew the judges away with their pioneering concepts. They were rewarded with a Formula E experience like no other: a ‘Day in the Life’ experience joining the DHL Motorsports and Formula E teams behind the scenes for an incredible weekend at the 2021 London E-Prix, as well as a €2,500 bursary to put towards their future career or studies. Leading sustainability influencer Finn Harries led the judges' panel in a virtual forum, and accompanied the Visionaries on their incredible London experience.

Before London, we delivered PORTL technology to the New York City E-Prix, where fans could interact with drivers and teams in ground-breaking hologram form. In the PORTL, fans were even able to congratulate DHL Driver of the Day Maximilian Guenther, who was unavailable to speak in person due to COVID restrictions. This pioneering technology was yet another example of our commitment to innovation in all our partnerships.

We continued to work with Formula E to find a solution to combat poor air quality levels, to which 80% of people living in urban areas around the globe are exposed. Our ‘Send a Breath of Clean Air’ initiative will see us plant trees in Formula E race locations across the globe to fight against the harmful CO2 emissions that threaten our climate and our health. In Valencia, we went ever greener by covering one of the circuit’s grandstands with 400 olive trees. These trees are native to the region that will in the long-term contribute to absorbing CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. The initiative also showcased our commitment to our GoGreen worldwide environmental protection programme.

We collaborated with fellow Formula E partner Heineken® to deliver their ‘Greener Bar’ in London and Berlin. The bar was created using new building methods, materials and technologies and designed to improve how we upcycle, recycle and reuse materials. DHL’s trusty EffiBOT was on hand to deliver some  freshly poured Heineken® made from sustainable pure malt in reusable cups and collecting circular waste. We also saved 42,256kg of C02 emissions along the way, which equates to 15,550 laps around a Formula E track in a fossil fuel vehicle.

Finally, as part of the Formula E Legacy Programme, we supported local charities throughout Season 7 with deliveries in Formula E race locations across the world, living up to our corporate purpose of connecting people and improving lives.

#EveryMoveCounts in the search for a more sustainable future. We’re constantly pushing boundaries in pursuit of our mission to make the world a little greener every day and have all our logistics-related emissions be carbon-neutral by 2050, so here’s to going green, both on the grid lights and in sustainability, in Season 8!


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