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A Formula 1® pit stop is much more than just stopping, changing tires and accelerating away. Perfect planning and absolute precision at breath taking speed are needed to get it right first time. Pit stops are possible the most visual evidence of why a Formula 1® is a team sport.

The DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award was established in 2015 to recognize outstanding teamwork and performance from the ‘unsung heroes’ who make a critically important contribution to the drivers’ success on the track.

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Red Bull perform DHL Fastest Pit Stop in Abu Dhabi

Red Bull Racing completed the DHL Fastest Pit Stop in the Abu Dhabi season finale for the ninth time in the 2019 Formula 1 season. Max Verstappen was sent on his way in 2.06 seconds on the 25th lap – faster than any other contestant at the Yas Marina Circuit.

Red Bull had already wrapped up the 2019 DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award before the last race of the campaign and thus became the first team to defend the prestigious title. Second place in the standings went to Williams who, despite being likewise responsible for nine of the fastest pit stops in the year, were still second best to the overall consistency of Red Bull.

Red Bull set a world record for servicing no fewer than three times in the 2019, most recently in the Brazilian GP when Max Verstappen’s car was fitted with new tires in 1.82 seconds.

“I’m very proud of our team in the pit lane,” said Sporting Director Jonathan Wheatley upon being presented with the 2019 DHL Fastest Pit Stop Trophy. “Setting a new world record three times in a single season really is something special, we were focused on improving our performance and are proud to see our efforts rewarded!”

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Red Bull Racing wins the
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