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Williams: F1 backmarkers but speedy in the pits

Key Takeaways

  • Williams stand out in DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award despite on-track woes
  • First tire change of season in less than two seconds
  • George Russell gives his pit crew the thumbs-up

While things are not going too well for Williams on the racetrack, the team is currently the one to beat in the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award.

The Williams F1 team is currently experiencing tough times. After this season’s eight rounds, the well-established outfit that has won the Formula 1 world championship seven times and the constructors’ title nine times has not scored a single point.

While things are not going at all well from a sporting perspective, Williams is the best in another ranking. The team currently leads the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award and was particularly good last time out with super-fast tire changes.

Robert Kubica was turned around and set back out on his way in 2.07 seconds at Monaco and then in 2.00 seconds later on in the Canadian GP. But that’s not all. The Williams crew did even better just recently in France, changing tires in an incredible 1.97 seconds.

Williams were not too far off the world record of 1.92 seconds which they set in 2016 in the race at Baku. They also won the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award that year and are well on the way to repeating that success in 2019.

Big thumbs-up for pit crew

“A Formula 1 team is a huge structure and every person who comes to the race track gives their maximum, regardless if you fight for the last place. The mechanics still have the motivation to show that they are the best on the grid,” said George Russell, praising his pit crew’s performance. “It’s important to show that we are not a bunch of idiots.”

The mechanics still have the motivation to show that they are the best on the grid

George Russell

The rookie driver is confident that Williams will soon experience success again on the racetrack and not just in the pit lane. “It is not going well at the moment, but there is a reason for that,” he said. “There is a big philosophy change from last year to this year and sometimes you have to make one step back to make three forward. The team has a long term vision.”

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