House of Holland Takes Tokyo

London-based designer Henry Holland has a lot of fans in Japan. Even before winning the inaugural DHL Exported competition earlier this year, the brand House of Holland was well-liked by fashion influencers on the island for its fun, vibrant, English girl aesthetic.

It came as no surprise, then, that Holland debuted his SS15 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo at Shibuya Hikarie on October 17 to a full house. Nor that the celebratory DHL Exported Reception held in his honor directly afterward was packed. Instagram images tagged #dhlexported show the extent to which the British streetwear designer is loved in Tokyo, with bloggers, journalists and celebrities going gaga over the brand and the creative mind behind it.

This reception was fitting, as one of the judges for the DHL Exported competition noted that the label appealed highly to those Japanese trendsetters influenced by street style. And with the ultimate aim of the program being to help an established designer get his or her feet on the ground in a new market abroad, DHL Exported seems to have found the right fit with Henry Holland.

"I've been at this for about seven years in London and am aware of the need to hold shows and events at other locations in order to expand the business globally," Holland said at the reception.

"I chose Tokyo because there are a lot of customers there that are a good match for the brand's aesthetics. I think that being able to unveil our show for two consecutive seasons in Tokyo is a huge boost for the business." 

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