Nicholas K gives the thrill of adventure to Milan Fashion Week

New York-based design duo Nicholas K wowed the runway at Milan Fashion Week on September 17. Their stunning MFW debut sparked imaginations with a theme that captured the romance of adventure and THE excitement of exploration. The exotically influenced urban wear was all the rave among Italy’s discerningly smart street-chic fashion hunters.

The label’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection was inspired by Swiss explorer Isabelle Eberhardt, a turn-of-the-century free spirit who traveled extensively in North Africa in the late 1800s. Throughout her short, adventurous life, Eberhardt dressed in men’s clothing because of the freedom it gave her. Beyond the hints of the masculine, the look’s Saharan-infused earth tones and draped breezy layers also emphasized the allure of beguiling femininity. The perfect pairing of functionality and fun was playfully strewn with eye-catching details that sizzled with sexiness, such as leg-hugging strappy sandals and flattering, flowing head coverings. The Safari of discovery ranged from shimmering turquoise-blues to rugged olive greens in an array of lightweight pants, graceful dresses and elegantly tasseled shawl combinations ideal for contemporary explorers. 

It was a sensational and perfectly timed Milan premiere for the brother-sister duo, whose unique creations have been featured at fashion week events in New York since 2011. Their international boost comes from winning the DHL Exported program, which helps hot up-and-coming fashion creators bring their business abroad. 

With just two weeks between this season’s showings in New York and Milan, there was no room for error for global newcomers Nicholas K. Thanks to their sponsor’s fashion logistics savvy and expertise, revving up for the runway was a smooth and seamless success, paving the way for a picture-perfect presentation in Milan. “DHL is the only one company that can provide everything in terms of logistics,” say the dynamic duo, Nicholas and Christopher Kunz. “You can have fabrics from Italy, buttons and zippers from China, woolens from Peru and then you design in New York. All of those intersection points, that’s where DHL is the glue that connects all the pieces.”

For Nicholas K and three other winning designers in the competition’s inaugural round, DHL Exported is sponsoring fully produced runway shows for two consecutive seasons at the world’s coveted runways in New York, Milan, London or Tokyo. To stay in step with the winning designers’ journey across the global catwalk, follow DHL Exported’s social media channels on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

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