Red and Yellow will never go out of fashion

DHL is the fashion and retail industry’s leading global logistics partner. For decades, we have pioneered solutions to meet the needs of designers, retailers, and some of the world’s most glamorous fashion events. As the industry changes, our involvement evolves and crosses physical boundaries. This is why we also support the businesses providing e-commerce strategies to overcome any challenges that may arise and bring their products to the market.

Our speedy international transport has been critical to countless start-ups, shows and openings over the years. Moreover, we extend our approach by being present at every stage of the fashion retail journey, streamlining supply chains, reducing inventory needs and lead times, sourcing materials, advising on local customs regulations and taxation, and even handling quality control in the production process. On top of all this, our global presence provides companies with the opportunity to unleash their innovation to the fullest and explore new and exciting markets around the world.

At DHL we are passionate about fashion, which is why we’re engaged in the industry beyond logistics. With so much talent around the world, we know how important it is to support young designers and sponsor prestigious awards that advocate sustainability within the industry. We made “Positive Fashion” the rallying cry of our fashion-industry partnerships to highlight the growing need of sustainability in fashion’s ever-changing landscape. At DHL we love to be part of each one of their stories, while promoting a positive change in the industry.

The mask reveals more than it hides


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