Andrena, Vereinigte Staaten


My F1 moment is when Daniel Riccardo won the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix. On Valentines Day 2018 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer and given a 52-72% chance of survival. I had my first chemo treatment in March and was home recovering in my recliner feeling horrible when my husband decided to put the race on for us to watch. Kevin has been a fan all his life, but this was my first time watching the race with him. So he was explaining the in and outs of the sport when I asked who do I root for in the race. He explained that Vettel is his favorite, but that I might like Daniel Riccardo because " he has a big smile and heart like you Baby". So that is what I did and he won the race! So I became a fan and through out my cancer treatments I would look forward the drama and excitement of Formula 1 races on the weekends as I would rest and heal. I have beaten the odds and am now cancer-free just like Riccardo beat the odds that Sunday and won.

Gewinne eine Renntaxi-Fahrt mit Tom Coronel

Erlebe rasante Rennaction im WTCR-Cockpit