11-year-old Kiwi wins skills & drills contest

Key Takeaways

  • Rugby Skills & Drills was after exceptional rugby players of any style
  • 11-year-old Riley Dickey wins with 30-sec, wow-inducing video
  • Check @dhlrugby social channels to watch others show off their talents

An impressive and inventive kicking display wins the DHL Rugby Skills & Training Drills competition

The great thing about rugby is that anyone can play. All you need is a ball and some buddies, and you’ve got a game. That’s one of the reasons the sport is growing so rapidly worldwide. From Laos to Sierra Leone, kids are lining up to pass and kick the odd-shaped ball.

The winner of our DHL Rugby Skills & Training Drills competition hails from a place where rugby is nothing new. In New Zealand, it's the national sport. There are some 500 rugby clubs across the small island country. Over the years, the Kiwi nation has produced some of the world’s best rugby players, with the All Blacks and the Black Ferns winning the World Cup a combined eight times.

Little legs, special skills

We can certainly imagine seeing our winner on a Rugby World Cup squad a decade from now. 11-year-old Riley Dickey possesses pretty special skills for a U11 player. In his 30-sec video entry, he puts on an impressive and inventive kicking display. It wowed our judges and won him the top prize.

“I practice so hard whenever I can, and it’s so exciting that it’s paid off!“

Riley Dickey @riley.dickey10

“Thank you so much DHL for announcing me as the DHL Skills and Training Drills winner,” said Riley after hearing the news. “I practice so hard whenever I can, and it’s so exciting that it’s paid off.”

From hoops and tires to fitness and finesse

Nearly 300 entries came in from 54 countries, which made selecting a winner super hard. Watch some of the best videos on our @DHLRugby social channels: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Or check out the entire Fan Gallery, and you’ll see what we mean.

We created Rugby Skills & Training Drills to see exceptional rugby, and we weren’t disappointed. You delivered a massive range of skills and drills, from passing into a basketball hoop or through a rolling tire to outrageous trick kicks and fun fitness drills.

You showed off your talents, and we shared them with the world.

Thank you for playing – and congratulations, Riley!!

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