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  • 5,500+ bikers from more than 132 countries have shared their #BestBikeMoment
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  • Vote for your favorite moment from each MotoGP™ race and submit a special riding moment you’ve shared with a friend

DHL’s 2019 #BestBikeMoment contest is in high gear. Check out some of the top ranked moments so far and don’t miss your chance to vote, submit and win!

After five MotoGP™ races, it’s safe to say that this season is in high gear. And while our favorite teams and riders deliver fantastic racing moments at some of the world’s top circuits, motorcycling enthusiasts are delivering their own personal #BestBikeMoments from around the world.

Since the beginning of the season, we’ve been asking fans to vote for their favorite moment from each race weekend and inviting motorbike riders from around the world to share a special riding moment they’ve shared with a friend.

Why? Because we know that when fans think about MotoGP™, they remember it in moments. Whether it be a stunning overtake, a heart-stopping save, or a defining announcement, these moments are best shared and celebrated together.

Voting for victory

The response so far has been nothing short of fantastic. More than 5,500 entries and counting from over 132 countries. Every corner, every continent – a world of motorbike enthusiasm is pouring in. The stories are moving, the images are inspiring, and the people are voting.

This year we’re looking for stories and images of moments shared with a friend, and some of our top vote getters so far are really special.

Vytautas, Lithuania

Currently one of our top #BestBikeMoment stories is from Vytautas in Lithuania. A fantastic shot of seven friends and four bikes flying high at the Mototourism Rally 2017 in Lithuania. The group calls themselves Team Salt & Pepper and write: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Vytautas, Lithuania

We love it, and Team Salt & Pepper is riding deservedly high in the rankings.

Go to Team Salt & Pepper’s entry.

Demelza, Spain

Though she submitted a photo of only her happy smiling self and her bike, Demelza’s story has attracted a lot of attention, most likely because she shared a touching story.

“I’ll never forget my first memories on motorcycles,” writes Demelza. “I was 11 years old and I was riding my with my father’s Honda 70. From that moment I fell in love and never looked back. LOVE my bike!!!”

“From that moment I fell in love and never looked back.”

Demelza, Spain

Daddy and daughter – now those are special moments.

Go to Demelza’s entry.

Cindy, Germany

Cindy from Germany shared a sweet selfie moment with, we’ll guess, her partner. Decked out head to toe in riding gear, Cindy gives a thumbs up in the background while her partner takes the selfie. She’s in a good mood for a good reason. 

“This was my first ride since a little highsider last year. And I have to say, it was simply a super feeling!”

“This was my first ride since a little highsider last year.”

Cindy, Germany

We’re happy to hear you’re ok, Cindy, and it’s awesome to see you back on your bike!

Go to Cindy’s entry.

Raffaele, Italy

Many riders know the thrill of riding a rocky coastline with sharp switchbacks with stunning scenery. This #BestBikeMoment certainly tells that story, and Raffaele wanted to share it.

“I want to share with you this shot that shows a glimpse of the beautiful Amalfi coast,” he writes. “The passion for two wheels that unites us and the sense of peace that I feel every time I look at it.”

“The passion for two wheels that unites us and the sense of peace that I feel every time I look at it.”

Raffaele, Italy

We feel it, too! 

Go to Raffaele's entry.

Randall, Costa Rica

Randall has submitted two shots from a group ride in Puente de la amistad, Guanacaste, Costa Rica – both of which make the first page when you filter for “Votes Descending” on the #BestBikeMoment page

“A great tour with friends!” writes Randall.

“A great tour with friends!”

Randall, Costa Rica

It certainly looks like it, Randall!

Find his entries here and here.

John, United Kingdom

If you’ve every ridden on the Isle of Man or attended the Isle of Man TT, then you can probably relate to John’s story.

“I was lucky enough to go to the 2015 Isle of Man TT with my dad and a few lads we ride with,” he writes. “I took my ZXR 400 around the TT course, met John McGuinness and witnessed some pretty awesome bike racing. It was a great week spent with excellent company and was the last time out for my 400. I’d love to go back on my triumph and try and beat my own lap record!”

“It was a great week spent with excellent company and was the last time out for my 400.”

John, United Kingdom

Go to John’s entry.

Gloria, Italy

Though she doesn’t tell us anything about the shot, we love Gloria’s photo, which is obviously taken at a motorcycle race event. Calling this one just another group shot would be a real understatement.

Go to Gloria’s entry.

Claudio Antonio, Argentina

Claudio is certainly sharing a special moment. In the stands with his cousins at the MotoGP in Argentina in 2016.

“It was an incredible moment,” he writes.

“It was an incredible moment.”

Claudio Antonio, Argentina

Go to Claudio’s entry.

Now’s your chance

Now it’s your turn to share your #BestBikeMoment and win a chance to travel with a friend to a MotoGPTM race in 2020 and make some more best moments!

It’s easy to enter. Just go here and follow the three simple steps: 
1. Vote for the best moment from a MotoGPTM race
2. Describe your own #BestBikeMoment shared with a friend
3. Upload an image or video

Good luck, have fun, and happy riding!

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