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DHL knows that when fans think about MotoGP™, they remember it in moments. Whether it be a stunning overtake, a heart-stopping save, or a defining announcement, these moments are best shared and celebrated together.

With the 2019 MotoGP™ season now complete, DHL celebrated the best moments on and off the track. We conducted a vote for your favourite moment from the 2019 MotoGP™ season and it was decided that Dovizioso’s final corner overtake on eventual 2019 World Champion Marc Marquez at the Austrian Grand Prix was the 2019 DHL Moment of the Season.

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Logistics on two wheels

Logistics on two wheels

These aren’t your everyday motorcycles: the bikes used in MotoGP™ - the world’s premier motorcycle racing championship – are driven by the world’s most skilled riders and feature cutting-edge motorcycle technology with prototype machinery. The championship’s a proud history dates back to 1949, and MotoGP™ Grand Prix events have taken place in every corner of the world. Given DHL’s global presence in 220 countries and territories worldwide, we’re happy to help MotoGP™ explore new territory.

With MotoGP™, DHL adds the oldest motorsports world championship to our prestigious list of high-octane motorsports partners. The partnership sees DHL support the logistics needs of MotoGP™ and its categories, Moto2™ and Moto3™.

Each season, MotoGP™ covers around 90,000 km in just nine months – requiring perfect logistical execution to make sure “the race before the race” runs seamlessly and on time.

DHL has over 30 years of motorsports logistics experience and we’re excited to be behind the handlebars with MotoGP™!

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