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Red Bull Racing sets new pit stop world record

Key Takeaways

  • Red Bull Racing with new pit stop record at British GP
  • Pierre Gasly dispatched in 1.91 seconds
  • Williams’ previous record beaten by 0.01 seconds

Red Bull Racing made history at the British Grand Prix by completing the fastest Formula 1 pit stop ever seen.

After some three years or so, we have a new Formula 1 pit-stop world record. Red Bull Racing completed the DHL Fastest Pit Stop in 1.91 seconds at Silverstone, breaking the previous best figure by 0.01 seconds.

Williams had been the ones to beat until this race at Silverstone. The old-established British team turned around Felipe Massa and sent him back out on his way in 1.92 seconds at Baku in 2016, so their stop now becomes the second-fastest since F1 records first began.

Red Bull brought Pierre Gasly into the pits on Lap 12 and equipped the young Frenchman with a new set of hard tires. After being stationary for just 1.91 seconds, Gasly then secured fourth place on the fresh rubber to take his best result of the season so far.

Red Bull Racing’s crew lead the overall standings of the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award but a look at the time spent stationary by Gasly’s teammate, Max Verstappen, shows just how well they performed this afternoon at Silverstone.

The Dutchman completed two pit stops, the first in 1.96 seconds, enabling him to overtake Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in the pit lane. In an impressive team effort, his second stop lasted just 2.02 seconds, which means that the three fastest pit stops of the British GP went to Red Bull Racing – a truly awesome demonstration of strength.

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