The Rolling Stones

Rocking the World Since the 60s

Our partnership with Exhibitionism has allowed us to dive deeper into the world of The Stones, and we’ve since discovered that we have quite a lot in common…

For instance, did you know that we’re a pretty similar age. The Rolling Stones were officially formed in 1962 and DHL began in 1969 (although they were founded in London and DHL in San Francisco).

And the Rolling Stones are without doubt one of the most global bands on the planet (theirs is the most recognized band logo around the world). In their 55-year history they’ve played more than 2,000 concerts in over 50 countries and territories.

The Rolling Stones are without doubt one of the most global bands on the planet.

But wherever they tour, you can be sure DHL already have a team in that country. In fact, we have operations in over 220 countries and territories around the globe from North Korea to Easter Island.
When it comes to ticket sales no one can compete with the 45 million The Stones have sold over the last five and a half decades. In fact, in the top 20 grossing tours of all time, The Stones hold four positions!

The Rolling Stones were officially formed in London in 1962; DHL was founded in San Francisco in 1969.

However, DHL can also claim a pretty big following. Globally we have around 2.6 million customers and every year we move 180,000,000 Time Definite shipments for them.
And while The Rolling Stones may require a legion of roadies and engineers to put their shows on the road, we employ over 83,000 individuals for ours.
Since 1962, The Stones have played something like 800 different venues, starting in pubs, baths, cinemas, and concert halls before hitting the big time to sell out Shea Stadium and play to more than 1.5 million in Rio.
However, in the same time, we’ve been fairly busy ourselves building a worldwide network of 1,450 facilities, 3 global and 19 regional hubs (see map), and 34,000 service points to support our fans in every corner of the planet.
And while The Stones can boast a catalogue of 66 albums (Our favorite? Probably Sticky Fingers), they don’t yet have a fleet of 38,600 vehicles or 250 dedicated aircraft. (Don’t worry guys – there’s still time).
And the main feature we both have in common? The desire to bring enjoyment (and Satisfaction) to the people who believe in us across the earth. Because performing for the world isn’t something you measure in numbers.

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