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Shipping the Show - The Video

Having taken the show on the road for the first time, join us backstage to discover the complexities of moving Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones from London to New York. Watch this exclusive behind-the-scenes video now!

Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones, delivered by DHL has opened in New York City – the first stop on a four-year, four-continent world tour after the much-lauded and star-studded debut in London. What does it take deliver the largest touring experience of its kind ever to be staged? A team of 200 artists, builders, painters, audio and video technicians, and more, supported by the world’s leading logistics experts.

The biggest challenge that we face when touring a show like this is logistics.

Ki McGinity, Production and Project Manager of Exhibitionism

"The biggest challenge we face when touring a show like this is logistics,” says Ki McGinity, Production and Project Manager of Exhibitionism. 

That’s because by the time you walk into the iconic Industria in the West Village to experience The Rolling Stones like never before, the show’s 550 unique and rare objects have crossed the big pond in the most meticulously managed logistics process imaginable.“After closing in London on the 4th of September, we had a two-week packing period, which is where we got the collection and all of the set works into crates,” says McGinity. “We ended up being four weeks point to point.”
Remember that Exhibitionism has been three years in the making and takes up a massive gallery space. Visitors are immersed in several distinctly designed environments that show how The Rolling Stones changed how we experience rock ‘n’ roll.

The packing list is priceless – and that’s not because the commercial value of the band’s artifacts is so high.

 “It’s not so much that these things are priceless, as in they’re worth so much money,” says Tony Cochrane, Executive Producer of Exhibitionism. “It’s that they’re priceless, as in if they get lost or destroyed, you can’t replace them.”

We’re dealing with some really unique items here.

Tony Cochrane, Executive Producer of Exhibitionism

From their most cherished instruments, onstage and off stage clothes, valuable works of art and handwritten lyric books to personal diaries, recordings, unseen film and photos, a screening cinema, and an interactive recording studio, Exhibitionism gets you up close and personal with the Stones’ extraordinary career. Video productions have been selected from thousands of hours of footage. 70 costumes were picked from thousands of designer outfits from some of the leading fashion designers. 160 pieces of art and original photographs were submitted from over 30 world famous photographers and a roll call of contemporary artists and designers.

Visitors get a look back at the high points of the band’s career through a new film with a high-octane soundtrack and see an amazing recreation of the Edith Grove flat that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Brian Jones shared in 1962.

You’re actually having the band tell you what happened at the time.

Ileen Gallagher, Curator of Exhibitionism

There is a recreation of a Stones recording studio complete with their original instruments, plus a “backstage” area to give fans a sense of what it truly feels like just before the band heads out on stage. A guitar gallery brings together examples of some of Keith, Ronnie and Mick’s prized instruments, including a rosewood Fender Telecaster and a Maton that Keith played on Let It Bleed, which famously disintegrated as he reached the final notes of ‘Gimme Shelter’. 

Other unique items include the cassette player on which Keith famously sketched out the idea for ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’, just before falling asleep in a Florida motel room, Mick Jagger’s lyric book which features the hand-written words for ‘Miss You’, ‘Hey Negrita’ and ‘Worried About You’, Keith Richards 1963 diary, and the toy drum kit that Charlie Watts used in the recording of ‘Street Fighting Man.’ 

Exhibitionism is the largest touring experience of its kind to be staged by any band or artist, and continues the Stones’ proud tradition of ground-breaking innovation combined with the highest production values.

By shipping the show around the world over the next four years, we’re simply following our mission of bringing the legacy of the most iconic rock ‘n’ roll band ever to those who really matter – you.

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