The Rolling Stones – UNZIPPED

Delivering satisfaction every step of the way

The Rolling Stones – UNZIPPED is the first international exhibition by and about the world-famous rock band. Following engagements in London, the United States, Australia and Asia, the show tours Europe in revamped form in 2020. More than 400 original objects from the band’s personal archive provide an impressive look behind the scenes. Along with instruments, audiovisual material, diaries, posters and album covers, there are stage designs, iconic costumes and even a reconstruction of the band’s first apartment and recording studio. The grand finale is a unique three-dimensional experience of a Stones concert delivered in multi-dimensional Dolby Atmos Sound and facilitated by PMC (the Professional Monitor Company).

When you’ve been touring for as long as The Rolling Stones you know a thing or two about getting from place to place. So when the band needed a partner to safely and quickly transport their prized memorabilia around the world, they naturally chose DHL.

We are proud to bring UNZIPPED to millions of Stones fans across the globe, delivering satisfaction every step of the way.

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