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Shipping the Show – The Details

Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones is now open in New York! Now that we've taken the show on the road for the first time, let's dive deeper into some of the finer details behind the move.

Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones, delivered by DHL, is now open in New York City at Industria, West Village until March 12, 2017, where it continues to receive rave reviews from fans and press alike. After the exhibition's London debut, New York is the first stop on a four-year, four-continent world tour.

The biggest challenge
The move from London to New York was certainly a complex one. Ki McGinity, Production and Project Manager of Exhibitionism, says that the logistics is actually the biggest challenge when touring a show like this. 

Over 500 artefacts were shipped in 15 containers by land, air and sea, with the “very high value” and “very high risk” items - nearly 1,500 pounds (650 kilograms) - travelling by air in specially designed crates. “That’s purely about minimizing risk to those items,” says McGinity. Add the trucks in operation for first and last mile delivery and Exhibitionism used three modes of transport to cover the 3,457-mile journey.

It took 68 days to take down, transport and rebuild the exhibition, with the first two weeks were spent packing up the show alone.

Don't miss it!
Exhibitionism – The Rolling Stones, delivered by DHL is now in New York just waiting to give you an experience you’ll never forget. The show will be in New York City through March 12. Tickets are available at

Watch Shipping the Show for a behind-the-scenes look at how we ship this treasure trove of Rolling Stones history!

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