RUGBY. DELIVERED. – It’s About Passion

WATCH: The RUGBY. DELIVERED. tour might be delivering the passion to fans around the world, but it’s the players who are living it.

“Rugby means everything to us here,” says Patrick, our RUGBY. DELIVERED. match host in Kenmore, Washington (USA). 

How do we know that?

“Forty-eight guys are out there running around in the freezing cold,” he answers.

“Rugby means everything to us here.”

Patrick, RUGBY. DELIVERED host, Kenmore, USA 

Kenmore, USAThat’s commitment. That’s passion. That’s comradery. Some of the very values the game of Rugby teaches – values that are the same whether you are playing at Twickenham Stadium in London or your local park in Delhi.

Delhi, India“Rugby makes you realize your importance as an individual and the importance that an individual can bring to the group,” says Gaurav, our RUGBY. DELIVERED. match host in Delhi, India. “Having a sport like this will really help [our kids] in growing and helping them in achieving their success.

“For me, rugby is about passion,” says Cristina, our RUGBY. DELIVERED. match host in Italy. We are a big family and we believe in teamwork and clean play. We want to have fun and get to know other players.”

"It’s a part of my life that I can’t live without.”

RUGBY. DELIVERED player, Milan, Italy.

“It’s about my friends,” adds one of her players. “My rugby mates are a second family. It’s a part of my life that I can’t live without.”

Milan, Italy
It’s about World Cup

Of course, each match comes with the chance to win a trip to Rugby World Cup 2019™ in Japan – a part of the RUGBY. DELIVERED. tour that would excite any true rugby fan.

“This would be the greatest thing in my life,” says Patrick in Kenmore. Adding with a smile: “Sorry kids and wife.”

“Attending the World Cup would be a great chance to see our idols”

RUGBY. DELIVERED player, Milan, Italy.

That sentiment was a shared one.

“It would mean a great thing,” says Cristina in Milan.  “It would great to see our favorite teams play this World Cup,” says Jessica, our match host in Quito, Ecuador. “It would be a great experience,” says Gaurav in Delhi.

Quito, Ecuador “Attending the World Cup would be a great chance to see our idols, to see the best rugby players in the world,” added one of Cristina’s players in Milan. “And it would be a great chance to have a trip with our friends, too!”

It’s about making memories
Though their matches have come and gone, each of our hosts walked off the field with plenty of moments to remember and much gratitude for the opportunity. 

“I am still getting so many wishes from people who attended the match on how amazing experience it was for everyone be it children or adult who part of this event,” says Gaurav.

“DHL is truly helping to grow the game! You have DELIVERED!”


“It was a beautiful day,” says Cristina.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa
“I can’t thank you enough for choosing me as your match host,” says Patrick. “I love rugby like it is my third child. DHL is truly helping to grow the game! You have DELIVERED!” 

Lutterworth, UKNow it’s about you!
The past few weeks have also seen the tour land in South Africa, Kenya, England, Columbia and Philippines. And at every stop, the passion is extremely palpable. Soon the tour will touch down in France, Ireland, Venezuela, and Australia. Stay tuned for more highlights, right here on DHL InMotion.

You can be a part of it, too! 
Join RUGBY. DELIVERED. and get your chance
to win a trip to Rugby World Cup 2019™!

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