Gewandhauskapellmeister Andris Nelsons has curated a Spotify playlist for you

On Spotify you can listen to songs that have inspired one of the greatest conductors of our generation. ‘The Soundtrack to your Moments’ – chosen by Gewandhauskapellmeister Andris Nelsons, delivered by DHL.

Andris Nelsons was only five-years-old when he fell in love with classical music. His family took him to see his first opera, Richard Wagner's Tannhäuser. He was immediately mesmerised and became infected by the “mysticism of classical music”, he says. Since then, classical music has been Andris Nelsons’ passion and life.

Born in Latvia into a family of musicians, he began his career as a trumpeter in the Latvian National Opera Orchestra before studying conducting. Today, he is one of the most innovative conductors around the globe with an impressive career. He is the Gewandhauskapellmeister of the oldest civic symphony orchestra in the world, the Leipzig-based Gewandhausorchester, and chief conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

In order to share his love for classical music, Andris Nelsons has created a special playlist on Spotify. He handpicked some of his favorite music for moments of inspiration, joy and focus, including Wagner’s Tannhäuser, the opera that started it all.

“I’ve brought together the music that has inspired me over the last few decades,” says Andris Nelsons. “The music you’ll hear has formed the soundtrack of my career. It has given me joy and motivated me to create even more incredible musical moments both as a conductor and musician. The playlist also reflects the values of precision and innovation that the Gewandhausorchester shares with its trusted partners. I hope the music provides you with inspiration, focus and motivation – just as it has for me.”

Follow the link and to listen to ‘The Soundtrack to your Moments’. 

The Gewandhausorchester has been inspiring the world with their music for the past 275 years. Under Andris, the orchestra continues to seek innovative ways to enchant their audiences. As their Official Logistics Partner, DHL takes their legacy forward by bringing to you an exclusive collection of classical music, curated by the Gewandhauskapellmeister himself.

The collaboration between the Gewandhausorchester and DHL has started in 2005 and goes beyond the logistics of touring. The two companies share many common values, working on special projects that have an impact on the community. As part of their educational projects, the Gewandhausorchester and DHL regularly organize special "Meet the Artist" events, allowing school children to get access to classical music more easily. “Classical music is for everyone,” says Andris Nelsons. With his Spotify playlist, the world of classical music is only a click away, wherever you are, whatever you do.



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