FC Bayern

The growing FC Bayern Global Family

Key Takeaways

  • From fans, to players, to kit van drivers and delivery couriers – everyone belongs to the same FC Bayern Global Family.
  • DHL is proud to add gamers to the family: games played in the Allianz Arena on EA Sports FIFA 18 will feature authentic DHL on-field banners.
  • For a chance to win one of ten copies of FIFA 18, visit dhl.com/fcbayern

It’s no secret that FC Bayern München fans can be found all over the world. This dedicated group – along with the players, legends, and partners like DHL – form the heart and soul of the FC Bayern Global Family, which grows every single day. We’re proud to add gamers to the family with a special collaboration with FIFA 2018 from EA Sports!

It started with a single package that made its way around the world, launching the FC Bayern Global Family campaign back in 2016. After thousands of fans submitted selfies to the Global Family site, DHL sent a special package – packed personally by FC Bayern players – on a tour of the world to show just how international Germany’s most successful soccer team really is.

Those fans were connected by a special bond – an original FC Bayern jersey, signed by the players and then by each recipient of the package. A jersey unites the players on the pitch; off the pitch, it brings a football family together in a display of devotion to their favorite club.

But the family feeling doesn’t stop at jerseys. In 2017, as FC Bayern München prepared to embark on their summer tour of Asia, DHL received several thousand more selfies on the FC Bayern Global Family site, which this time focused on delivering special merchandise surrounding the team’s record fifth-straight Bundesliga title straight to fans' living rooms. Fans show their love for their team in different ways: some with a scarf, some with their morning coffee mug, and others with a well-worn hat. With DHL, fans had a chance to win all three.

Through three summer tours, several Champions League road trips, and unforgettable matches in the Allianz Arena, DHL has experienced first-hand what a tight-knit family surrounds FC Bayern München. Whether its souvenir packages moving around the world, fan reporters getting behind the scenes, or DHL’s kit van teams making sure the team is as prepared for training sessions and matches as it can be, the bond uniting everyone is the same: being a part of the FC Bayern Global Family, with 43,000 members from 153 countries to date.

With the launch of EA Sports FIFA 18, DHL is proud to add gamers to the proud ranks of the Global Family. The newest edition of the legendary game series features a new element of authenticity to matches played at FC Bayern München’s home stadium, the Allianz Arena: DHL on-field banners are now part of the game.

To welcome the new gaming members of the family, DHL are happy to provide fans with the chance to win one of ten copies of FIFA 18. You can enter online by uploading a selfie, which automatically makes you a member of the FC Bayern Global Family!

The 2017/18 season is still just at the beginning, and we’re looking forward to unforgettable FC Bayern München matches – on the real grass pitch or the virtual Allianz Arena right in your living room! Mia San Mia!

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