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FCB Summer Tour 2017

Follow FC Bayern from China to Singapore

  • Destinations on the Audi Summer Tour 2017: Shanghai, Shenzhen and Singapore
  • Our DHL Fan Reporters: Even Chao, Ji Yuyang, Terry Lee and Terence Ong
  • Teams played against on the FC Bayern tour of Asia: Arsenal, AC Milan, Chelsea, Inter Milan
  • Club legends playing in the International Fanclub Tournament delivered by DHL: Aumann, Elber, Klose, Salihamidzic and many more besides
  • Total weight of equipment transported by DHL as Official Logistics Partner on the tour: 1,514 kilos
  • Carry on entering our competitions and win at www.dhl.com/FCBayern

From Shanghai via Shenzhen to Singapore! As Official Logistics Partner, DHL joined FC Bayern München on the Audi Summer Tour to Asia. Each day, the DHL Fan Reporter shared blogs and videos from the training grounds and matches: exclusive insights into the team's Summer Tour to China and Singapore!

Looking back: highlights from the FC Bayern Summer Tour

It was nearly two weeks of football, high temperatures, and most importantly - 'visiting friends' on the FC Bayern Audi Summer Tour of Asia in 2017. DHL joined FC Bayern on all three stops of the summer tour - Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Singapore - to deliver the team's equipment to matches and training sessions, but also to soak up the amazing atmosphere surrounding the team as a member of the FC Bayern Global Family. Have a look at our favorite moments!

DHL was very happy to welcome back a team of dedicated Fan Reporters at each stop on the Audi Summer Tour. Even, the DHL Fan Reporter in Shanghai, staked out a very prestigious spot for the very first report of the FC Bayern summer tour - right next to the team's bus as the players were boarding!

Press conferences were a regular part of the FC Bayern summer tour, and our DHL Fan Reporters were behind the scenes at each one. Thomas Müller attended one of the first press conferences in Shanghai, greeting the room with a very authentic "Nihao" (followed by an equally authentic Bavarian "Servus").

DHL hosted a few press conferences as well, including this one in Shanghai on the company's increased engagement in the eCommerce market in China. FC Bayern legend Hasan "Brazzo" Salihamidzic was on hand and spoke with Even after the press conference. Mere days after returning to Germany with the team, Brazzo was named FC Bayern's new sporting director.

One of the absolute highlights of the FC Bayern tour was the DHL Matchball Delivery at the start of each of the team's four matches of the International Champions Cup Asia. Petal, an eight-year-old girl from Shanghai, started things off on the right foot with a perfect delivery prior to FC Bayern's match against Arsenal.

Not even the players can resist the spectacular view of Shanghai during Audi Night, an annual event that gives guests the chance to get right up close with the FC Bayern stars. You can bet that the fans weren't the only ones jockeying for position on the railing for the best pics - the players took their fair share of selfies, too!

VIP drop-ins were part of DHL events during the summer tour. Kingsley Coman took the stage at a DHL eCommerce and Express customer event in Singapore to answer questions, sign autographs, and take photos with the guests. We learned the French connection is quite strong within the FC Bayern squad: Coman said the player he admired most was Franck Ribery!

Kingsley Coman wasn't the only draw at the DHL customer event in Singapore: Terry, part of the DHL Fan Reporter duo, is a freestyle footballer. He entertained the guests with his well-honed football moves and even got to kick the ball around with Coman.

More stars were on parade at the FC Bayern International Fanclub Tournament - Delivered by DHL. From left to right, it's former FC Bayern striker and German international Miroslav Klose, Berni the FC Bayern mascot, and Raimond Aumann, a former FC Bayern keeper who won six Bundesliga titles with the club. Klose and Aumann played on the FC Bayern Legends team during the tournament (Berni stayed on the bench, but was an excellent cheerleader).

Terence was the other DHL Fan Reporter in Singapore and teamed up with FC Bayern's official stadium spokesman, Stephan Lehmann, to give away prizes (and high fives) at the fan club tournament. Jerseys, match tickets, and a ball signed by FC Bayern legends all found their way into the hands of some lucky winning fans.

As cool as it was for Alden, the DHL Matchball Deliverer in Singapore, to deliver to ball and give a wave to the fans, his personal highlight was taking selfies with the players. Who can blame him? It's not every day you have Germany's most successful football club in your backyard, and we were honored to join Alden, Petal, Even, Terence, Terry and all the rest of the DHL crew on an unforgettable FC Bayern Summer Tour in Asia. Mia San Mia!


Auf Wiedersehen, Asia

27 July 2017

FC Bayern's Summer Tour of Asia came to a thrilling close today in the final match of the International Champions Cup Asia: we - Terence and Terry, your DHL Fan Reporters - are here to provide a final recap of the tour.

As we bid a fond farewell to FC Bayern after four great days in Singapore, we have the great honor of looking back at nearly two-weeks of amazing DHL and FC Bayern highlights.

Even got the DHL Fan Reporter ball rolling in Shanghai, FC Bayern's first stop on the tour. She had the opportunity to grab Hasan Salihamidzic at a DHL press conference about eCommerce and ask him an interesting question about the most memorable souvenir he ever received from a fan: a hand-made replica of the Champions League trophy after FC Bayern won the competition in 2001.

Even also got a good sense of China's favorite player: Thomas Müller!

Ji took over in Shenzhen and got to hear from enthusiastic fans in the FC Bayern Fan Zone before the match against AC Milan. One guy even said he learned German just because of FC Bayern. He said, in perfect German, "I miss you Philipp Lahm!"

Then it was us, and we cannot tell you how much fun it was being the DHL Fan Reporter. We got to drive around with DHL while they made a delivery for FC Bayern, Terry got to meet Kingsley Coman at a DHL customer event, and Terence had a nice chat with Mats Hummels in the mixed zone after FC Bayern's win against Chelsea.

At the FC Bayern International Fanclub Tournament Delivered By DHL, we were lucky enough to see German legends Miroslav Klose, Giovane Elber, and Raimond Aumann back in action for the FC Bayern legends team. One of their teammates was a legend we know very well - a former player for the Singapore national team, Aleksander Duric.

With two matches in Singapore, we were lucky to witness two DHL Matchball Deliveries: without a game ball, there isn't much of a match!

On behalf of all the DHL Fan Reporters, we'd like to thank DHL for the opportunity to follow FC Bayern's Summer Tour so closely, and of course a big thank you to everyone who followed along during the tour. Can't wait to see FC Bayern again in Asia, but until then, Mia San Mia!

DHL Delivers FC Bayern’s International Fan Club Tournament

26 July 2017

You’re two favorite freestyle football players from Singapore are back! :-)

The FC Bayern summer tour, with stops in China and here in Singapore, is a truly international event. Seven teams from all over Europe are playing in the International Championship Cup Asia, and of course the FC Bayern players are quite diverse in terms of their nationalities.

But today, FC Bayern and DHL took it a step further at the International Fan Club Tournament! Nine teams formed by mostly Southeast Asia FC Bayern fan clubs made the trip to Singapore to take part in a friendly tournament.  A team of FC Bayern staff and legends rounded out the ten-team field.

It was really cool seeing these players from all over the region coming together in this tournament. As more than one fan club members said to us, the football tournament was fun, but the real highlight was getting to hang out and get to know FC Bayern fans from other countries - very fitting for the motto of the Summer Tour, „Visiting Friends.“

One of the FC Bayern legends, Hasan Salihamidzic, was the coach of the FC Bayern Legends team, which included former FC Bayern players Miroslav Klose, Raimond Aumann, and Giovane Elber. Salihamidzic’s observation of his team was spot on:

„There is so much talent on my team,“ he said. „I think Miro could play professional football today if he wanted to, and when I see Giovane’s moves, it reminds me of how great of a player he was.“

Another highlight for us was seeing a legend of the Singapore National Team, Alexander Duric, suiting up alongside Miroslav Klose for the FC Bayern legends. He and Klose are similar: both are known as extremely hard-working and disciplined players, and both enjoyed long and successful careers. Duric played until he was 44, and at 39, Klose is as fast and talented as ever.

Salihamidzic, Klose, Duric and the rest of the FC Bayern legends team prevailed in the final match, but graciously conceded the trophy to the runner-up: the fan club team that flew all the way from Germany for the tournament.

To round things off, we got to give away some great prizes to some lucky winners of DHL’s ball-box challenge. That included a pair of tickets to the final match of FC Bayern’s Summer Tour: tomorrow night in the Singapore National Stadium against Inter Milan - we’ll see you there!

FC Bayern bounces back in Singapore

25 July 2017

It’s Terence and Terry again, back for the second day of FC Bayern’s Singapore stop on the Audi Summer Tour of Asia!

It doesn’t get much better than this: FC Bayern against Chelsea, in the National Stadium of Singapore, and we’ve got tickets! Not only for ourselves, but also for some lucky fans we selected from our Instagram followers. When it was time to hand out the tickets, DHL was delivering FC Bayern’s equipment to the stadium, so Terry jumped in and tried his hand as a DHL courier.

The guys at DHL told us afterwards – he did a fine job!

Meanwhile, we got to meet Alden, a young boy who made one of DHL’s most important deliveries of the day: the official Match Ball Delivery right before the match. I watched from the stands, he did an excellent job!

Afterward, we asked him how it went, and he said: “It was great! Especially taking selfies with the players.”

He didn’t look a bit nervous and gave the crowd a big wave – nice one, Alden!

We were really looking forward to watching the match from where we usually sit – the grandstands – but then DHL surprised us one more time with passes for the Champions Lounge! There we met Simon, and official from the International Champions Cup in Asia.

It’s hard to miss the fact that the ICC is here in Singapore, bringing FC Bayern, Chelsea, and Inter Milan to the city for friendlies. But what we didn’t realize is that the ICC Asia consists of seven teams playing in six cities in two countries. It’s a lot to coordinate!

The first two matches of the ICC didn’t go so well for FC Bayern, but they came out swinging in Singapore. An early goal from Rafinha two from Thomas Müller helped seal the match, which FC Bayern won 2-3.

Tomorrow is going to be one of the highlights of the week for us: FC Bayern has organized a fan club tournament, bringing together teams of FC Bayern fans from around Asia for a huge competition. There are over 100 players competition in the five-on-five format, and will be right in the mix. Can’t wait to see the talent these FC Bayern fans bring to the pitch!

See you tomorrow,

T & T

DHL's Singapore Stars

24 July 2017

Hello from Singapore! It's the last stop of FC Bayern's Audi Summer Tour in Asia, and we - Terence and Terry from the Urban Street Team - are proud to join you as DHL Fan Reporters!

We used to be pretty serious about competitive football, but like many football players, had rough luck when it came to injuries. Then, we decided to switch to one of the aspects we love about football - freestyle and tricks.

Our first day on the job was spent hanging out with some cool people from DHL. First, we tagged along with the big DHL kit van, which delivers all of FC Bayern's equipment to matches and training sessions. DHL was early with the delivery, so we had time to take the scenic route through Singapore on the way to Singapore Stadium.

We found that the driver of the kit van was very willing to try out some new football tricks - check out the video to see what we mean!

Along the way, we made a pit stop at the race circuit for the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix - one of the highlights on the F1 racing calendar. It was impressive to know that DHL were here in Singapore helping FC Bayern deliver a successful summer tour, and in just a few months' time, will be back here with Formula 1 delivering the race as the Official Logistics Partner.

Later on, at a DHL customer event hosted by DHL eCommerce and DHL Express, a very special guest from FC Bayern made an appearance: Kingsley Coman! He answered a few questions from the audience (including his FC Bayern role model: it's fellow French national Franck Ribery), signed autographs, and then came the absolute highlight for Terry: he got to kick the ball around with Kingsley Coman!

The entire event was set against an unforgettable backdrop of the Bundesliga trophy and the amazing Singapore skyline - it was certainly a night to remember!

Looking forward to FC Bayern's first match here in Singapore tomorrow against Chelsea - we'll see you there!

The best kind of fans

22 July 2017

It’s match day in Shenzhen, and the FC Bayern fans are out in droves!

Just had the opportunity to walk through the fan zone before FC Bayern’s match against AC Milan.

A few things I noticed:

  • FC Bayern fans outnumbered AC Milan fans by quite a lot!
  • There were plenty of places for fans to pose for pictures, but the biggest line was in front of the Bundesliga trophy – five consecutive times as German champions!
  • As the DHL fan reporter, I’ve learned a lot about their role as FC Bayern’s Official Logistics and eCommerce Fulfillment Partner. For that reason, I’ve really been taking note of all the merchandise people have. It’s quite diverse! I’ve seen some very cool old jerseys, classic football scarves, and of a very popular Audi Summer Tour hat. Some people have been lucky enough to collect quite a few autographs as souvenirs, too!
  • My favorite merchandise? The FC Bayern fan – you need it in this heat!
  • I also met a group of fans who said they had learned the German language because of FC Bayern. Now that’s dedication!

Unfortunately, after the last-minute equalizer from Arsenal and the loss in penalty kicks in Shanghai, things did not get any better for FC Bayern in Shenzhen. AC Milan came out ready to play, and ended up winning the match 0-4.

It was once again quite hot for the match, and the players were drenched in sweat by the time the match ended. That means the matchworn jerseys that you can win from DHL are as authentic as they get! Head to dhl.com/FCBayern to enter to win.

Handing it off to the next fan reporter for FC Bayern’s final stop on the Audi Summer Tour in Singapore. It’s been a pleasure having the team here in China and I can’t wait for them to come back and see us again!

Welcome to Shenzhen, FC Bayern fans! 

21 July 2017

I’m Ji Yuyang and I’m happy to be taking over from Even as the DHL Fan Reporter.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise, but I LOVE football. I write about it in newspapers and talk about it on the radio and TV. And I’m pretty thrilled to have the chance to take part in FC Bayern’s Audi Summer Tour with DHL!

When the news was announced that Bayern would be coming to Shenzhen, I got excited for two reasons: one, the matches of the International Champions Cup in Asia are always fun to watch to see how the team is gelling in the pre-season. Bayern take on AC Milan in the second match of the Asian ICC on Saturday.

The other reason I’m excited for FC Bayern to be here is the world class players they bring with them. In China, many people consider players like Thomas Mueller or James Rodriguez or Mats Hummels to be not only among the best players in Germany or Europe, but among the best in the world.

The players are top-notch, and when Bayern comes to town, they come with the fans in mind: I was at the players’ hotel earlier when they arrived, and the players take time to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans, which were lined up by the hundreds outside the hotel.

It was the same story at the training session in the afternoon: fans chanting “Super Bayern, Super Bayern – Hey! Hey!” and waving flags and homemade signs. It’s quite the football celebration, and I’m glad to be taking part!

You have the opportunity to take part as well by joining the FC Bayern Global Family. Sign up before the end of the ICC for a chance to win a match worn jersey!

'Bye bye' Shanghai 

20 July 2017

It's the last day of the FC Bayern Summer Tour in Shanghai :-( I'm sad to see the team go but I am excited for the fans in Shenzhen who will get to see them next.

To the next DHL fan reporter in Shenzhen: you're in for quite a treat! Here's some stories to follow:

FCB legend Miroslav Klose is here with the team! I had a great interview with Brazzo, maybe you'll run into Miro.

The fans are amazing! They gather in hoards wherever the players are, but I've seen them all over the city, too. What kind of superfans will you run into?

My new friends at DHL told be there will be a Matchball delivery at every match during the International Champions Cup - say hi to the new person from Shenzhen from Petal and me!

One last thing before I sign off: fans around the world have a chance to win a jersey worn by one of the players in a match from the summer tour! It's easy to enter: just go to DHL.com/FCBayern to enter.

It's been great being the DHL Fan Reporter, and it will certainly be an adjustment to go back to sports reporting for Chinese TV in a studio.

But we'll always have FC Bayern - Mia San Mia!

As we say in Chinese, 拜拜 (bye bye!)

Day two as the DHL Fan Reporter was full of highlights!

19 July 2017

Let me break them down (try not to get jealous):

I met an absolute FC Bayern legend, Hasan "Brazzo" Salihamidzic at a DHL press conference. He told me two interesting stories about 'fan souvenirs.' The most memorable gift he ever received from a fan was after he won the Champions League in 2001 with FC Bayern. In the celebrations that followed, a fan gave him a hand-made replica of the Champions League trophy. Pretty incredible!

I mentioned yesterday that I have a jersey of my favorite player, Joshua Kimmich. Brazzo said the players have favorite jerseys, too. His favorite - which he swapped after a match against Real Madrid - was from Roberto Carlos.

While I do love my Kimmich jersey, my all-time favorite is the one of the German national team I wore when I covered the 2016 UEFA European Championships for LETV, the station I work for in China. I traveled with the German national team all around France and had interviews with a lot of the players, including some of the FC Bayern stars on the squad.

Before today's match - the first of the International Champions Cup - I got another opportunity to get close to the players by going right into the FC Bayern locker room before the match! It was pretty incredible to see all their jerseys and equipment perfectly laid out before the game started. Think if I had stayed in there they would have asked me to play against Arsenal?

It was tempting, but there was one more highlight I did not want to miss. I had the pleasure to meet a very sweet young girl, Petal, who was given a very important job at the match: she made the DHL Matchball Delivery. On the pitch, as the players waited in the tunnel, Petal bravely walked out onto the pitch with the matchball, placed it on the podium, and flashed the crowd her biggest smile. So cute!

After Petal's big moment, the ref grabbed the ball from the podium, the players lined up on either side, and the International Champions Cup was underway. Bayern almost had the win after a Lewandowksi penalty, but Arsenal evened it up in the 93rd minute and won it on penalties.

The only downside today: it was even hotter than yesterday!

Sunny greetings from Shanghai,


Grinning through the heat with DHL Fan Reporter Even Chao in Shanghai

18 July 2017

Hi! My name is Even Chao. I woke up this morning with an extra spring in my step: FC Bayern is here in my city, beautiful Shanghai!

I threw on a jersey (my favorite player, Joshua Kimmich, of course) and headed to the team hotel to start my first day as the DHL Fan Reporter.

Almost right from the start, I was right in the midst of all the action of FC Bayern's Audi Summer Tour. My first on-camera appearance? Right in front of the team's bus as the players were getting on to head to the stadium! I was facing the camera, but when we watched the footage later I saw that FC Bayern's Coach, Carlo Ancelotti, and Robert Lewandowski walked right behind me!

In my normal job, I'm a television sports reporter for a Chinese network. I talk a lot about sports, and I've interviewed some of the world's best athletes (Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, for example).

Being the DHL Fan Reporter was similar, but it was interesting to take a different focus in my reporting: the members of the FC Bayern Global Family.

I heard so many impressive stories about FC Bayern today. A man named Xiang Yan is a good example. He's been a FC Bayern fan for many years, and recently won tickets to the team's first training session and first match here in Shanghai.

He told me he went all the way to Munich in 2016 to watch FC Bayern host Atletico Madrid in the semifinal of the Champions League. What an experience!

When it comes to my experience for today, I'll remember two things about my first day as the DHL Fan Reporter. One: it was HOT today - the players were working so hard in their training session. The fans felt it too: their passion for FC Bayern was boiling hot, just like the weather.

Two: Thomas Mueller never stops grinning :)

The big topic of the day at the first press conference of the tour: who was James Rodriguez brought in to replace? Straight from Coach Ancelotti: "James was not bought to replace anybody. He was bought to make us a better team."

Looking forward to day two tomorrow!

90 kilograms devoted to autograph cards alone!

17 July 2017

The crowds had gathered long before FC Bayern arrived in Shanghai: Chinese fans waiting for the opportunity to see their favorite players up close and personal for the first time in two years.

When the players finally walked into the arrivals area of the airport in Shanghai, there was no lack of sheer adrenaline as the fans clamored to get close for an autograph or a selfie.

FC Bayern’s arrival in Shanghai marked the official start of the 2017 Audi Summer Tour, which will see the team visit Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Singapore for four matches and a number of public appearances.

It comes as no surprise that the fans went crazy for the FC Bayern players, but the same plane that brought the team to Shanghai also contained several VIPs (very important packages).

After the players had made their way through the airport, a colonnade of unmistakable yellow boxes with the team’s equipment snaked through customs and ended up in DHL’s special kit van for the Shanghai portion of the tour.

As FC Bayern’s Official Logistics Partner, it is DHL responsibility and honor to make sure these containers – 64 in all – accompanies the team on every step of the Audi Summer Tour. Inside the containers are jerseys, fitness equipment, shoes, and anything else FC Bayern might need to have a successful tour of Asia. That includes 90 kilograms devoted to autograph cards alone!

The team will use these items every single day of the tour, whether its training sessions, matches in the International Champions Cup, or everyday appearances with fans and the media.

After the long flight, the team and DHL have turned in for the night in anticipation of the first full day of the tour. There will be the team’s first training session, and our first report from the DHL Fan Reporter. You won’t want to miss it!



Sunday, 16 July 2017

Mia San Mia, FC Bayern fans! The Audi Summer Tour is kicking off here in Munich, with players, team officials, and a certain red-and-yellow Official Logistics Partner are making our way through the airport.

First stop is Shanghai, where we’ll meet the first DHL Fan Reporter of the trip. Yiwen is a reporter for the online platform LeTV in China, and was on hand for the 2016 European Championship in France. She’s also a huge FC Bayern fan!

The first match of the tour isn’t until July 19, but we’ll have plenty to report in the meantime. And there’s plenty for you – the fans – to do as well! You can enter to win a matchworn jersey right here on InMotion. Upload an awesome fan selfie to our FC Bayern Global Family wall while you’re at it!

Final boarding for FC Bayern to Shanghai – we’ll see you in China!


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

It all starts on Sunday when FC Bayern set off on the first big trip of the 2017/18 season: Audi Summer Tour 2017! This time, Germany’s most-successful football club will be playing the biggest of its preseason matches in China and Singapore.

Fitting to the idea behind the FC Bayern Global Family, the theme for Summer Tour 2017 is “Visiting Friends.” This will be the second time that the Audi Summer Tour has taken FC Bayern München to the Land of the Dragon (the first was in 2015).

As in previous years, DHL supports the club on its travels as Official Logistics Partner. Continuing a tradition started during last year’s summer tour of the US, the DHL Fan Reporter will be tagging along with FC Bayern München in Asia. At each of the three stopovers on the itinerary – Shanghai, Shenzhen and Singapore – the DHL Fan Reporter will report directly from the training sessions, press conferences, publicity events and, of course, the matches featuring the reigning Bundesliga champions.

There is one other very good reason for checking out the DHL Fan Reporter’s blogs and videos. After the matches against Arsenal, AC Milan, and Chelsea, we will be giving away an original jersey worn by an FC Bayern player. Here is the link to the competition: www.dhl.com/FCBayern – this could be your lucky day!

And now get your diary out for the key dates during the summer tour:

  • 19 July: FC Bayern - Arsenal (Shanghai)
  • 22 July: FC Bayern - AC Milan (Shenzhen)
  • 25 July: FC Bayern - Chelsea (Singapore)
  • 26 July: FC Bayern International Fanclub Tournament (Singapore)
  • 27 July: FC Bayern - Inter Milan (Singapore)

We’re looking forward to seeing the following members of the FC Bayern München squad in action during the 2017 Audi Summer Tour:

  • Tom Starke (goal)
  • Christian Früchtl (goal)
  • Sven Ulreich (goal)
  • Ron Thorben Hoffmann (goal)
  • Mats Hummels (defense)
  • Javi Martinez (defense)
  • David Alaba (defense)
  • Juan Bernat (defense)
  • Marco Friedl (defense)
  • Rafinha (defense)
  • Felix Götze (defense)
  • Franck Ribery (midfield)
  • Renato Sanches (midfield)
  • Thiago Alcantara (midfield)
  • Corentin Tolisso (midfield)
  • Kingsley Coman (midfield)
  • Niklas Dorsch (midfield)
  • Thomas Müller (attack)
  • Robert Lewandowski (attack)
  • James Rodriguez (attack)
  • Manuel Wintzheimer (attack)
  • Milos Pantovic (attack)

We can’t wait to get going on the FC Bayern München Audi Summer Tour 2017!

We’ll look forward to sharing our first DHL Fan Reporter update from Shanghai.

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