DressedUndressed Wins the 5th DHL Designer Award in Tokyo

Showings of Spring/Summer 2014 collections got underway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo on October 14, 2013 with the announcement that the design team behind DRESSEDUNDRESSED had won the fifth annual DHL Designer Award.

Started in 2009, the design team behind DRESSEDUNDRESSED, Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato, created a clothing line for the Spring/Summer 2014 collections that caught the judges’ eyes and resulted in the win. It was only their second year showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo, but the androgynous line combines leather and silk textiles with haute accessories for a uniquely elegant daywear collection. 

With a solid business plan to help the brand go global, the overseas shipping credit to the tune of 500,000 Yen and expert consultancy provided by DHL will help the winners get their looks off the runway and into the world.
“We are honored,” said Kitazawa and Sato. “In recent years, opportunities for collection deliveries and presentations overseas have increased as DRESSEDUNDRESSED has been developing a foundation for moving into overseas markets. This award will help us greatly with our international expansion, as we strive to further our business globally.”

The award, which gives winners a shipping credit to forward samples, collection items, and design materials overseas, has helped up-and-coming designers to get their collections out into the world. Enhancing global competitiveness by assisting these small businesses in growing internationally, DHL has helped creative minds, including recent winners Christian Dada and A Degree Fahrenheit’s Yu Amatsu  branch out beyond the Asian island.

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