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Matthias Dolderer: The Lausitzring is very special

Matthias Dolderer is the reigning Red Bull Air Race Champion and will be racing next in his home fixture at the Lausitzring. The German pilot talks in interview with about what’s really special about this particular event and looks ahead to the spectacular season finale in Indianapolis.

Your home fixture at the Lausitzring is next up on the Red Bull Air Race schedule. How do you expect you will do during this last meeting on European soil?

Matthias Dolderer: The Lausitzring is very special in that the spectators, the hangars and the runway are all within the stadium itself. They can see everything from beginning to end, and we can see them. This is something really special for us, because our Race Airport is often not located directly at the circuit. For example, you cannot take off and land in the middle of Porto.


Of course, it’s also my home race, and many German fans, friends and family too, will be there, which also makes it very special. I can’t wait. The media interest is great, which gives our sport an extra boost, and it will be simply amazing for spectators, because they will be very close to the action, and the noise under the grandstand will be terrific. I think it’s going to be a really fantastic spectacle.

I think it’s going to be a really fantastic spectacle

Matthias Dolderer

What does it feel like as a pilot to fly against a backdrop as amazing as the Lausitzring?

Matthias Dolderer: It feels totally awesome when you land, get out of the plane and hold your hands up, and 30,000 people immediately begin to cheer you. It’s an incredible feeling – like when a footballer scores a goal and the people in the stadium all cheer. You can’t begin to describe it. It’s how a rock star must feel standing on stage with tens of thousands of people singing and shouting along with him. It makes you feel good about yourself and warm inside – it’s just the best.

You had a relatively difficult start to the season. Is the Lausitzring perhaps just the right place to now turn things around?

Matthias Dolderer: The first three races were quite good. I went through to the final round each time, but the rest weren’t so great, unfortunately. I was back on the up in Porto, though, and I think we can get the show on the road again at the Lausitzring.

Following on from the Lausitzring will be the season finale in Indianapolis on the weekend of 14th - 15th October where you wrapped up the title last year. How do feel about this race?

Matthias Dolderer: Indianapolis is a very historic place in motorsport. It sure felt great to win there, to kiss the Brickyard and go down in history as the winner. I’ll definitely try to do it again this year, for sure!


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