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Manchester United survive “crazy game” to reach UEFA Europa League final

The Reds are on their way to Stockholm to face Ajax in what is sure to be a monster UEFA Europa League final between two historic clubs

Manchester United certainly made life hard for themselves against Celta Vigo in Thursday’s 1-1 second-leg draw at Old Trafford. After dominating last week’s 1-0 first-leg win in Spain, Celta was arguably the better side in Manchester. And that despite Marouane Fellaini’s header to put the Reds up 2-0 on aggregate in the first half.

They were playing the game of their lives.

United’s Ander Herrera

Celta Vigo showed up with nothing to lose. “They were playing the game of their lives,” said United’s Ander Herrera.

Coach Jose Mourinho agreed: “They came as heroes, a small city, a small club that did amazingly well, with nothing to lose. So [they] dominated by the mental point of view.”

Celta’s passion forced United to fight a dramatic battle to hold their lead, much of it playing out at midfield. But the Spaniards pushed the hardest and ultimately levelled the match with just five minutes to play. After that it was a nail biter until the final whistle, with emotions soaring and tempers flaring, which led to a melee and two red cards to add even more drama to the scene.

“It was a crazy game,” said Herrera. “But we are in the final – this is what counts.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. The Boys from Old Trafford showed true grit and have won a deserved place in the UEFA Europa League Final in Stockholm later this month.

It was a crazy game.

Ander Herrera

With a spot in the top for of the Premier League now in sight – and a win in Stockholm guaranteeing United a place in the Champions League group stage – the next three weeks of football have the potential to be legendary! We can’t wait.

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