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Manchester United: Greatest Game-Changer

Watch United players, legends and fans sharing who they think is the Reds’ Greatest Game-Changer! And then join the next segment of our Legendary Moments campaign: Your Legendary Premiere League Moment! Tell us your Legendary Moments from the top flight of English football, and win!

When the fans, players and club come together, we know that amazing things can happen. Moments of greatness…moments that really matter…moments that can change a game, a season, a career, or even define history. We call them #LegendaryMoments.

The biggest game-changing player has been Zlatan.

Gary Pallister

Over the past two seasons, we’ve looked back at some of the best moments in Manchester United history. For the 2016/17 season, we want to hear about YOUR #LegendaryMoments as United fans!

February’s Moment: Greatest Game Changer
Throughout February, we asked you to tell us who you think Manchester United’s biggest game changing player is from past or present. The subject of which players are best can spark intense opinions and debate and with so many Red Devils to choose from we want to hear your thoughts. From Eric Cantona to Wayne Rooney, players can have an impact on campaigns, seasons, and even eras but who can change the course of a match?

Marcus Rashford. He’s great! Whenever he came on the pitch from the bench, he always did something for the game.

Juan Mata 

So far, hundreds of videos have been posted for the world to see. It’s an inspiring display of passion for a historic club that has delivered so many moments of greatness – moments us Reds cherish forever.

Suresh, Singapore
For Suresh, there’s no doubt about it. Eric Cantona was the greatest game changer. “He even changed the face of English Premier League,” he says.

Derrick, Hong Kong
When talking about game changers, Derrick from Hong Kong disagrees. “The go to guy must be Ryan Giggs,” he says. “He always showed up when the club needed him!”

Christian Regis, Brazil
Christian from Brazil is just as sure of his pick: “The greatest game changer is definitely Wayne Mark Rooney,” he says emphatically. 

Though they obviously have strong and differing opinions, these United fans have one thing in common: a passion for Manchester United and these Legendary Moments! Listen to and be inspired by their stories!

Time to share and win! Tell us your Legendary Premiere League Moment 
Now it’s time to share your moment. We’re launching the next segment of Legendary Moments: Your Legendary Premiere League Moment

Manchester United have won a record 20 league titles including 13 Premier League titles. After a 26 year wait for the title Sir Alex Ferguson masterminded the triumph in the inaugural Premier League season, in 1993, but throughout those title winning years, which Premier League moment is the most unforgettable? Throughout March, we want to hear your Legendary Moments from the top flight of English football.

Click here to participate! Tell us your Legendary Premiere League Moment – and be entered to win a signed Manchester United shirt!

Keep watching for more chances to win!
This won't be your only opportunity so stay tuned for more. Each month throughout the season, we'll ask you a new question, with a chance to win prizes each time. And we're collecting your #LegendaryMoments all season long right here on DHL InMotion.

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Look for our special DHL #FanBooth outside the stadium, where you can record your #LegendaryMoment and have a chance to win.

Whether you’re a brand-new Manchester United fan or a diehard, decades-long supporter, take this opportunity to connect with other United fans around the globe. And keep your eyes peeled for stories from Manchester United players, past United legends, and some of the club’s celebrity fans on their favorite Manchester United moments. 

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