Swapping the stage for soccer

The Gewandhausorchester and DHL Express Hub played a friendly match on May 1

The Gewandhausorchester and DHL Express Hub played a friendly match on May 1.

DHL played in white and the Gewandhausorchester in red
Colleagues, family and friends cheered both teams on
It was the first friendly soccer match between the two teams

For once it was not about music but all about sports: A team of the Gewandhaus- orchester and DHL Express Hub Leipzig played a friendly soccer match on May 1 in preparation for the DHL EuroCup 2017.

From June 2 – 5, soccer and cheerleading teams from all over Europe will meet in Lommel, Belgium, to test their prowess and compete against each other. To prepare for the sporty weekend, a team of DHL Express Hub in Leipzig had a special idea to include DHL’s longtime partner, the Gewandhausorchester.

Since 2009, DHL has taken care of logistics when the world-famous orchestra travels the globe for concerts. But on May 1, a few of the musicians swapped the stage for a soccer field.

The concept for the test game arose when an ensemble of the orchestra played at the opening ceremony of DHL's new sorting center at the Express Hub in Leipzig. 

“We thought if classical music and logistics chime together so well at our Hub, then it should also work on the soccer field,” said Christian Adam, Communications / Visitor Manager at DHL and Country Coach of the DHL Hub Leipzig Soccer Team.

After a few weeks of planning, the players finally met on the field. Cheered by colleagues, family and friends, the team of DHL Express in white and the Gewandhausorchester in red gave everything they got.

An exciting, eventful and active afternoon

Christian Adam

Thanks to extensive training and precise teamwork, the DHL players quickly scored three goals. The team in red was thrown off balance and had difficulties to get back in to the game. In the end, DHL won 11:0.

But since it was a friendly match, the end result didn’t matter. It was all about the fun.

“Both, the team of the Gewandhausorchester, and our team had an exciting, eventful and active afternoon,” said Adam.

It’s the first time DHL Express and the Gewandhausorchester met on the soccer field. But seeing the happy, yet exhausted faces of the players after the game, it might not have been the last time.

Thanks to the sporty commitment of the Gewandhausorchester, the DHL Hub Leipzig Soccer Team is prepared for the EuroCup. The cup has been taken place for over three decades, uniting the DHL Europe network. Colleagues from all across Europe meet face-to-face in a friendly competition.

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