Gewandhausorchester brings classical music closer to students in Frankfurt

Gewandhausorchester musicians meet with students. (Photo Credits: DHL)

Gewandhausorchester musicians meet with students. (Credits: DHL)

Thery and Defranoux perform a private concert for students. (Photo Credits: DHL)

Gewandhausorchester performs a private concert for students. (Photo Credits: DHL)

The youngsters listen to the concert, capturing it on their smartphones. (Photo Credits: DHL)

The youngsters listen to the concert, capturing it on their smartphones. (Photo Credits: DHL)

When the Gewandhausorchester played a concert at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt on November 20, two musicians took the opportunity to introduce students to classical music at a special “Meet the Artist” event. The experience was made possible by DHL and the Gewandhausorchester in cooperation with the non-profit organization Teach First.

The ensemble members Tristan Thery (Violin) and Nicolas Defranoux (Violoncello) demonstrated their instruments to the group of excited students and provided a glimpse of what life as a professional musician is like. After a private concert by the two artists, the youngsters received an exclusive tour through the Alte Oper, Frankfurt’s former opera house which now serves as a concert hall.

Students try out instruments.

DHL has been the official logistics partner of the Leipzig Gewandhausorchester since 2009. The collaboration includes organizing transport of the orchestra’s tours but also working on special projects that have an impact on the community. Meet the Artist is one of such educational programs. It is aimed at bringing the Gewandhausorchester talents to children who might otherwise not have such contact to classical music.

“The Gewandhausorchester and our partner DHL have launched this concert format on an international level, enabling young people to access classical music more easily,” says Professor Andreas Schulz, director of the Gewandhaus. “I am delighted to have found in DHL a partner who is also committed to overcoming educational barriers. The jointly organized projects enrich our activities and help us to fulfill our social responsibility.”

If you have a good school education, you have better opportunities in life. That’s why we have supported Teach First Germany from the first moment on.

Ralf Dürrwang, DHL’s Vice President Corporate Citizenship

The encounter on November 20 was the fifth Meet the Artist event that the Gewandhausorchester, DHL and Teach First have held. In October 2015, four members of the world-famous ensemble visited a High School in London and told the students about how they became professional musicians. Other visits with schoolchildren took place in Houston, Cologne and Vienna.

“Looking behind the scenes of a world-famous orchestra will always remain a special experience for our students,” says Ulf Matysiak, Executive Partner at Teach First Germany. “I’m grateful that our collaboration with DHL makes such moments possible.”

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