Gewandhausorchester and DHL – a unique relationship

Andris Nelsons

The Leipzig Gewandhausorchester is one of the world’s most renowned and prestigious musical ensembles. DHL is the proud Official Logistics Partner of the orchestra but the relationship goes far beyond logistics of touring.

The Gewandhausorchester has been a byword for world-class music for over 250 years. It has premiered works of some of the most famous composers in history including Schumann, Schubert and Wagner and has been led by an illustrious list of renowned conductors from Felix Mendelssohn to the current leader Andris Nelsons.

DHL first began working with the Gewandhausorchester in 2005 and became their Official Logistics Partner in 2009. With no less than 185 virtuoso musicians in the orchestra, every year there are 100 world-class performances at some of the most famous international concert halls.

The Gewandhausorchester relies on DHL to ensure reliable, efficient and temperature-controlled delivery of more than 100 of irreplaceable instruments to every venue. "No tour is like any other, it’s always like an adventure," says Prof. Andreas Schulz, Director of the Gewandhausorchester. "The instruments must always be there when we are. They can never arrive late; they mustn’t arrive too cold, nor too warm. All this professionalism and reliability is the most important aspect of DHL."

Classical music is for everyone. Our mission is to share this great repertoire with all people.

Andris Nelsons

The partnership between the Gewandhausorchester and DHL goes beyond the logistics of touring. The two companies share many common values and are a perfect match geographically. Leipzig is not only a city with an eminent musical heritage but also home to DHL’s major European hub. When DHL opened its new sorting center at the Express Hub in Leipzig, a delegation of the orchestra supported the event with big fanfare.

Classical music is for everyone, says the new Gewandhauskapellmeister Andris Nelsons. He is considered to be one of the most innovative conductors on the international scene. "Classical music is for everyone. Our mission is to share this great repertoire with all people", says Nelsons.

As part of educational projects, the Gewandhausorchester and DHL organize special "Meet the Artist" events, allowing young people to get access to classical music more easily. Two members of the famous ensemble met recently with students in Frankfurt, Germany, and provided them a glimpse of what life as a professional musician is like.

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