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1) What got you into Formula E in the first place?

2) Which part of a Formula E car do you find most interesting?

3) DHL and Formula E have been partners since day one – what inspires you most about this partnership?

4) Which part of the Formula E race do you most look forward to?

5) Which of the following Formula E race destinations is your favorite?

6) For you, what is the most astonishing thing about DHL’s delivery of all Formula E seasons?

7) What inspires you to support a particular Formula E team?

8) After a spectacular Formula E event, which of the following replay-footage do you enjoy most?

9) For you, what is the best improvement between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 car models?

10) What keeps you supporting Formula E?

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Start the quiz

Formula E Personality Quiz

What is your Formula ME? Enter to find out your unique personality and win great prizes!

Delivering Performance, Innovation and Sustainability
As Official Founding and Logistics Partner for Formula E, DHL has been supporting the innovative racing series since its launch in 2014. We are proud to be part of this extraordinary mission to inspire and engage a global audience on sustainable mobility. As Logistics Partner, we help Formula E push the boundaries of sustainability with a tailored, multi-modal transport approach that maximizes efficiency and further reduces its carbon footprint.

Innovator, Visionary or Racer – what’s your personality?
As Formula E embarks on its 7th season this year, we’re turning the spotlight on you with the Formula E Personality Quiz! Introducing Formula ME which places you at the center of this extraordinary, electrified world! Are you a creative Visionary, a genius Innovator or a risk-taking Racer? Simply take part and receive your very own Formula ME fan card from us!