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DHL EffiBOT: The new star in the Formula E pit lane

Key Takeaways

  • DHL EffiBOT is the star of the FIA Formula E pit lane
  • EffiBOT will be with the race series for the rest of the season
  • The fully automated trolley is specially wired to work safely with people

DHL EffiBOT is the latest member to join the FIA Formula E circus. The fully automated trolley has become the star of the pit lane, even providing spectacular pictures this time.

FIA ​​Formula E has a new member. DHL EffiBOT has been a part of the electric racing series since the Mexico City ePrix in February. The fully automated trolley was used for the first time in the pit lane in Mexico to take ABT Audi Schaeffler’s front wings to the FIA for scrutineering.

EffiBOT has now been introduced to a wider audience at Formula E’s European opener in Monaco, immediately becoming the star of the pit lane. As Formula E expert Marc Priestley was previewing the upcoming race weekend this Friday morning, EffiBOT, equipped with a 360-degree camera, followed his every move, giving unique insights into Formula E.

EffiBOT will also be found in the paddock at the next Formula E races and will be with the race series for the rest of the season. EffiBOT is yet another revolutionary innovation that DHL has introduced during the Formula E season. The DHL CamCopter, a drone equipped with a camera, was deployed in Mexico and Argentina, and delivered amazing birds-eye view pictures of the racetrack.

EffiBOT helps out in the warehouse

The fully automated EffiBOT trolley was developed by French start-up company Effidence and is specially wired to work safely with people, following workers in the warehouse and doing most of the physical work. EffiBOT will pick up goods that have been collected and automatically take them to the unloading point as soon as it is fully loaded.

EffiBOT runs at a speed of 7 km/h, can transport goods of up to 250 kilograms and is very easy to use. A push of a button is enough to activate the trolley and ensure that it automatically follows you. Thanks to EffiBOT, warehouse workers have their hands free and do not have to pull or push heavy carts. Formula E now enjoys the same support.

DHL CamCopter celebrates its successful debut in Buenos Aires

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