Formula E

Daniel Abt and Holger Badstuber face the #DHLChallenge

A single city, a single day and two top-class sporting events: On Saturday, Berlin hosts two sports fixtures that will be closely followed by fans around the world, namely the penultimate round of the FIA Formula E Championship and the DFB Cup Final. DHL is present at both events in its role of official logistics partner to FIA Formula E and to FC Bayern Munich. DHL decided this was a great opportunity to bring representatives of both partner organizations together for a special challenge.

The sun is shining, as Holger Badstuber enters the paddock in the shadow of Berlin’s TV tower. This is the first time that Formula E has set up camp here, a stone’s throw from Berlin’s Alexanderplatz square. The visit is a pleasant break ahead of Sunday’s German Cup Final for Holger Badstuber who is a keen motorsports fan. He plays in defense for the newly crowned German soccer champions but will, unfortunately, have to miss the big occasion due to injury.

He receives a warm welcome in front of the ABT Schaeffler Audi Sport Team marquee from racing driver Daniel Abt, who also happens to be an ardent FC Bayern supporter. In the background sit the two Formula E racing cars of Daniel and his team-mate Lucas di Grassi, ready for action later this weekend. „I’m a big fan of motor racing,“ says Holger. „I’d love to climb in the cockpit and do a lap of the circuit.“ But there is something odd going on here. Among all the tools and spare parts outside the garage are a box of games, two multi-colored tires and a pile of red and yellow paper. What could it be? 

The #DHLChallenges: Abt versus Badstuber

Actress and TV presenter Annabelle Mandeng supplies the immediate answer: Daniel and Holger are to face three challenges to test their skill set by their joint logistics partner DHL. None of the challenges has anything to do with either of their respective two sports to ensure a level playing field.

The very first #DHLChallenge is a skill classic: Jenga! Tactically smart moves and great dexterity decide the winner and the loser in this game. Both Daniel and Holger are familiar with both winning and losing. After all, choosing the right strategy figure among the decisive factors in a Formula E race as well as on the football field. Daniel narrowly takes victory in this first challenge. The score is 1-0.

But there’s still some way to go. In the second #DHLChallenge – rolling hoops - Holger strikes back with a win. #ABTBAD are currently tied, 1-1. For the third and ultimate challenge out of three, Daniel and Holger have to make a paper plane and see which flies furthest. While Holger leads by a nose in the first ‘stint’, Daniel uses his experience as a racing driver to win the competition with his DHL yellow paper airplane. 

Bayern Munich and Formula E in Berlin - delivered by DHL

For both sportsmen, the Berlin weekend is one of the highlights of the season. Two weeks ago, Holger’s team, FC Bayern, won the German league title for the fourth time in a row (2013 to 2016) - a feat that has never before been achieved in the history of the German soccer league. The player with the number 28 shirt secured the eleventh double in club history for the record-breaking champions and record-breaking cup winners on Saturday in the DFB Cup final in Berlin. 

For years, DHL have ensured that the club’s merchandising is delivered as promised to millions of members of the global Bayern family. As an international partner for logistics and e-commerce solutions, DHL eCommerce support FC Bayern and have also helped to set up and maintain online fan shops in China.

For Daniel, the penultimate race weekend of the 2015/2016 Formula E season is a home race which he crowned with a podium finish. The only event to take place on German soil is one of nine events held in major cities around the world. From day one, DHL have shipped equipment and racing cars for Formula E all over the globe from China via Malaysia and Mexico to the United Kingdom as they make their tour of the world. In Berlin, the official logistics partner of the series was presented with an International Sponsoring Award in the ‘Innovation’ category for its innovative and sustainable approach. Truly, a weekend of superlatives for all members of the DHL family.

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