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Scoring a Formula 1® victory is all about speed; but is the winner always the fastest? Redefining our standards of speed, the DHL Fastest Lap Award is one for fierce competitors. This is how it works: one driver sets the fastest lap at each race - the award will go to the man who sets the most over the season.

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To win will require pure speed – something we at DHL know all about. As the world's leading logistics provider and Official Logistics Partner of Formula 1, we achieve our goals by shortening international routes, facilitating global trade and making the world a smaller place.

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Mercedes and a fastest lap that nobody really wanted

P6 for Lewis Hamilton, P7 for George Russell. The deficit on the front-runners was large at 35 seconds, so Mercedes was clearly the fourth team in the running at Imola. There was one small crumb of comfort, though, for 26-year-old Russell, who set the fastest lap of the race on lap 54 and got the additional point, but there was no real reason for him to be happy, because on the other hand, he was forced to make way for his teammate.

George Russell had qualified in front of Lewis Hamilton and stayed ahead of him for almost the entire Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. The gap between the two of them increased when Lewis Hamilton extended his first stint and became even bigger after Hamilton’s big lock-up in turn 12, which caused him to bounce his way through the gravel in turn 13. "I lost around eight seconds in total," said our record-breaking world champion.

Still, Hamilton took the checkered flag ahead of his teammate, the reason being that Russell had pitted early, so his tires began to degrade rapidly towards the end of the race. Mercedes advised that another stop was necessary for reasons of safety. Russell had little desire to comply initially, wanting first to discuss his options with the team on the pit radio. "I didn'’t want to relinquish my position for no good reason," said Russell, but a lap later, he relented and made his way to the pits.

"As a driver, you always want to finish the race as far up front as possible," he told us. "I was well ahead of my teammate the whole race," he added. But he soon calmed down, saying: "Well, we now have the extra point, and after all, it's only sixth place that we're talking about and not the podium."

And yet, at the end of the day, it was almost not enough for the fastest lap of the race. Fernando Alonso also revisited the pits on lap 59 of 63 and immediately launched an attack on Russell's best time on new soft tires, which was lucky in a way for Mercedes, as Aston Martin's man was unable to string an error-free lap together before the end of the race.

"The point for the fastest lap was a small bonus, but our lap times fell off a cliff," said team boss Toto Wolff, who thought that George Russell's second pit stop had been absolutely necessary. "Otherwise, we would have risked losing the position to Perez a few laps later." And of course, if you as Mercedes can get one over on Red Bull, then you just have to go for it!

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2024 Season

Previous winners

SeasonDriverTeamDHL Fastest Laps
2023Max VerstappenRed Bull9
2022Max VerstappenRed Bull5
2021Lewis HamiltonMercedes6
2020Lewis HamiltonMercedes6
2019Lewis HamiltonMercedes6
2018Valtteri BottasMercedes7
2017Lewis HamiltonMercedes7
2016Nico RosbergMercedes6
2015Lewis HamiltonMercedes8
2014Lewis HamiltonMercedes7
2013Sebastian VettelRed Bull7
2012Sebastian VettelRed Bull6
2011Mark WebberRed Bull7
2010Fernando AlonsoFerrari5
2009Sebastian VettelRed Bull3
2008Kimi RäikkönenFerrari10
2007Kimi RäikkönenFerrari6

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