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VIDEO: Exclusive look behind the Formula 1 curtain, delivered by DHL and Formula One Management

DHL and Formula One Management today offer an exclusive look into the inner workings of their longstanding partnership, unveiling the impressive organization and infrastructure that makes up the magic that is each Formula 1® Grand Prix.

Click above to get a first-hand look at what it takes to put on the fascinating show that is Formula 1 racing!

Bahrain, China, Spain, Monaco, and Canada – five races across three continents in just two months. Formula 1 is a true global fascination, both in terms of the unparalleled performance on the track as well as the behind-the-scenes logistics race.

The video provides a rare look into how the logistics specialists ensure each race runs smoothly. It’s an incredibly complex operation to move F1’s equipment and car parts – some 600 tons – to each global location on time. And it has to be done right the first time.

“There is no second shot, you have to deliver.” (Alan Woollard, FOM Cargo Logistics Manager)

“There is no second shot, you have to deliver,” says Alan Woollard, FOM Cargo Logistics Manager and DHL’s main counterpart. “And if we’re late we don’t have a show.”

It’s a job both Woollard and his partners at DHL take extremely seriously. After all, millions of fans around the world are counting on us to deliver the tools the teams need to produce nail-biting racing moments out on the racetrack.

As far as Woollard is concerned, it’s all about organization. “In this business, you have to be organized. You have to have a good team of people, and I think we’ve achieved that.”

“In terms of air freight, we arrive here with six 747s and we leave with six 747s.” (Pierluigi Ferrari, DHL Motorsport Deputy Managing Director)

Like a well-oiled Formula 1 team, everyone has to know exactly what to do and where to be at all times. “It’s just planning,” adds Woollard. “And that’s what we do, we just plan it with DHL.”

This year Formula 1’s new technical regulations created a new logistics challenge. The cars’ power units are complex electrical devices running on sensitive lithium-ion batteries, which means DHL has a lot of extra delicate equipment on board this year that that require additional dangerous goods regulations checks.

It’s a logistics operation that includes up to 100 people when you combine DHL’s dedicated team, the local organization, the logistics teams of FOM and the teams. The key is to “communicate with everyone, to understand exactly what is possible,” says Pierluigi Ferrari, DHL Motorsport Deputy Managing Director.

It’s complex, but it works. With DHL’s 30+ years in motorsports logistics and a long-standing partnership with the Formula 1, that’s not surprising. “As long as you’re organized and you need to have a partner who is also organized,” says Woollard. “And that’s what we have.”

It all comes together for one magic moment – seeing 24 Formula 1 cars roll out onto the starting grid!

Official Logistics Partner
DHL handles a wide range of logistics duties for Formula 1, supporting FOM Cargo to deliver racing cars, engines, tires, spare parts and team equipment. In addition, DHL manages the transport of the TV equipment, the special fuel for the races and the material needed for all Formula One Paddock Club hospitality. Offering a special 24-hour express service, even deliveries at short-notice can be made to the track.

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