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DHL delivers Formula 1's 2022 car to Silverstone

Formula 1 is hitting the reset button in 2022 with brand new regulations designed to spice up the action and produce even more spectacular racing on track. Ahead of the British Grand Prix, we got the first ever glimpse of a full-size 2022 car, delivered to Silverstone by F1's Official Logistics Partner DHL.

The car, in its brilliant iridescent livery, was revealed in an online launch, but there is also a full-size model of the new machine at Silverstone, and the current crop of drivers also got their first look at the type of car they will be racing next season.

Ross Brawn, Managing Director of Motorsport at Formula 1, said: "It feels like a very long time ago the FIA officially unveiled the regulations for the future of the sport, but after the one-year delay due to the pandemic it’s only 170 days to go until the start of 2022 when we will see the next generation of Formula 1 cars take to the track."

"There is huge excitement ahead of this new era."

Ross Brawn

Brawn added: "There is huge excitement ahead of this new era, and while 2021 has been a great battle we still have cars struggling to follow each other during the race. The regulations for 2022 will address this problem and create an opportunity for closer battles and more wheel-to-wheel racing. The combined effect of the new aerodynamic regulations and financial rules, in the form of the cost cap, will create the conditions for a more balanced championship and for the gaps across the grid to close."

Nikolas Tombazis, Single-Seater Technical Director, FIA said: "2022 will herald a new era for the FIA Formula One World Championship, with the introduction of one of the biggest changes in regulations in the history of the sport. The FIA has led a superb collaborative effort with Formula 1 and the teams to identify the areas we feel will have the biggest impact on the ability of the cars to race each other closely on the track, and in combination with the Financial Regulations that are already in place, these new Technical Regulations should have a great positive impact on the spectacle but also on the sustainability of our Sport."

F1’s Motorsports team are confident that they’ve come up with a set of regulations that can achieve their objective of closer racing, while not being so prescriptive that they prevent creativity. Now we just have to wait and see what the teams come up with in time for pre-season testing 2022...


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