Revolution by Marcel Ostertag conquers New York

New York is considered to be one of the top places in the world for fashion, and it's every designer's dream to present his collections on the catwalk in the Big Apple. Marcel Ostertag did just that with the help of DHL. As a winner from the DHL Exported Program, the German designer was given the unique opportunity last year to show his collection both in Berlin and also at New York Fashion Week.

On Sunday, Ostertag returns to the place where he made his international debut in February 2016, to present his new collection "Revolution". This will be his third time in New York. After presenting his first collection, "Rain", the 37-year-old showed his collection, themed "Air", last fall. Ostertag has been actively supported in his endeavors by DHL. "My experience of DHL Exported has been just fantastic. DHL are a really well organized company," said a delighted Ostertag after his successful debut in New York last year.

A success story - supported by DHL

With over 50 years experience in the fashion industry, DHL can quickly respond to the needs of the particular fashion market in question, offering outstanding quality and speedy delivery times. DHL has developed tailor-made logistics solutions specifically for the requirements of a market which is characterized by multiple sales outlets and ever growing online trading. Thanks to its unique worldwide presence, DHL can provide an optimized supply chain, shorter delivery times and easy access to new markets.

DHL entered me in this market. They are not only in logistics, they also opened many doors for me.

Marcel Ostertag

Ostertag made his affiliation to DHL clear in September last year by presenting an eye-catching DHL‑style outfit in New York, for which he received a lot of applause from the public. "In the world of fashion, everything has to happen very quickly," says Ostertag, who presents his collections all over the world as a much sought-after designer and really appreciates what a reliable partner like DHL has to offer. "DHL entered me in this market. They are not only in logistics, they also opened many doors for me. They make the life for us much easier, and that's why I'm very thankful to DHL."

A revolutionary future

Marcel Ostertag's latest collection impresses with an enduring quality designed to act as a counterpoint to an increasingly fast-paced world. Once again, Ostertag wants the focus to be on the appreciation of individual pieces and so, tells his models to walk slowly and deliberately along the catwalk. Wide swathes of frills spilling out over the dresses are a big feature of "Revolution", so that a lot of fabric covers the models. The cut harks back to the fashion of the seventies, and the floral prints also appear to have been inspired by that era. Ostertag's message is clear, he wants to create a revolutionary future.  

And the success proves him right: As a result of his previous showings, Marcel Ostertag has increased his sales within Europe and managed to grow his brand internationally. DHL, as experts in fashion logistics, are enabling him to do this and providing support as he tries to break into new markets and establish an international presence - something that DHL does for many fashion brands around the world.  "My goal is always to increase the income and sell more of my beautiful stuff", Ostertag says. "I think it's always good in fashion if you dream big, but stay on the ground. I don't' want to start flying just because I'm in New York."

I think it's always good in fashion if you dream big, but stay on the ground

Marcel Ostertag

Although Marcel Ostertag is now at home on the world's largest fashion platforms, the German designer has not forgotten his roots and looks to local sources to produce his creations. "It's very important to me that my designs should be produced in Germany. I really appreciate the work of my seamstresses back in Germany, and our customers think it's great, knowing exactly where their creations come from."

DHL is covering Marcel Ostertag's New York show in detail. Apart from a live stream from "Revolution", DHL will regularly publish other pictures and updates from the Big Apple on the Fashion Week Live by DHL Facebook page.


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