DHL Japan announces winners for the 12th DHL Designer Award at Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO

Tatsuya Kimura and Sanae Yoshida, designers behind the DISCOVERED brand, clinch award; aim to expand their brand’s footprint in global markets

DHL Japan today announced the winners of the DHL Designer Award this year. The award was presented to Tatsuya Kimura and Sanae Yoshida, the founders of DISCOVERED brand, in recognition of their creative designs and the designs’ potential to go global.

The winners were selected by DHL, the Official Logistics Partner for the Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO (AmazonFWT) and Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFW Organization), from among promising fashion designers who showcased their collections at the Fashion Week held from Monday 20 to Saturday 25, March 2017. DHL will provide the winners with international shipping credits valued at 500,000 yen (JPY), to ship collection pieces, samples, design material, and other goods internationally.

Started in 2011, the DHL Design Award plays an instrumental role to showcase Japan’s design talents to the world. Over the years, the award has successfully helped many designers expand their footprints in global markets.

DHL continues to support design talents in Japan, to ensure they are able to compete globally and meet the needs of the ever-changing fashion industry.

Taketo Yamakawa

Taketo Yamakawa, President and Representative Director, DHL Japan said, "In terms of international shipping, the demand for speed, reliability and flexibility is high in the fashion industry where the latest trends are constantly set and highlighted. DHL continues to support design talents in Japan, to ensure they are able to compete globally and meet the needs of the ever-changing fashion industry.”

The winners, Tatsuya Kimura and Sanae Yoshida started the DISCOVERED brand in 2001 by tailoring outfits for musicians, artists, actors and music disc jockeys (DJs).  They have developed the brand ever since and have created signature collections which reflect reality and originality, with their unique and extensive views of the classic to causal fashion range.  

Upon receiving the award, Kimura said, "We currently have business abroad in China (Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong), Korea (Seoul) and America (Los Angeles), and are keen to expand further. This DHL Design Award is an immense encouragement for us, and we would like to leverage this to further expand into other markets, - particularly Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.”

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