DHL at MBFW Tokyo AW2015

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo closed its 2015-16 Autumn/Winter collection on March 21 after more than 50 shows by local and global fashion designers alike.

The presentations always make for an exciting week in the fashion world, but this season was made even more special for us at DHL, where we celebrated the successes of two very inspiring designers: House of Holland and Kidill.

House of Holland is a womens’ clothing line based in England that has garnered a lot of attention in Japan in recent years, which is part of the reason why the brand was selected to take part in the inaugural DHL Exported Program. Showing in Tokyo for the second and final season as part of the program, label head Henry Holland was celebrated at a media event ahead of his show on March 20, 2015. The show, which once again featured brilliant colors and bold patterns, gained raves from all attendees, whose love of the bright thigh-high boots was well-documented across social media, including on Instagram.

New to the family of designers who’ve received support from DHL this season is menswear designer Hiroaki Sueyasu, whose label KIDILL was announced on March 17 as the winner of the eighth DHL Designer Award. The award, which recognizes young, up-and-coming fashion designers with international potential is given by DHL as the Official Logistics Partner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo.

For the DHL Designer Award, DHL Japan and the Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFW Organization) selected fashion designers from collections announced at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. The winning fashion designer was selected based on creativity and design, and the potential to go global. The award’s supplementary prize, which offers practical assistance to winners with an overseas shipping credit worth 500,000 yen, has contributed to helping selected designers launch or expand their brand overseas

Hiroaki Sueyasu, the designer behind the KIDILL brand, has been participating in Fashion Week Tokyo since the 2014-15 Autumn/Winter season. Sueyasu launched the KIDILL brand in 2014 which has made its presence felt in markets such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, the US and Taiwan, and is expected to further expand into Europe including the UK and France.


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