Project Ancient

Something big is coming to ESL One Birmingham

Join Sheever, SirActionSlacks and DHL as they carry out the secret ‘Project Ancient’ at ESL One Birmingham and become a part of the tournament on-ground and around the world.

Attending an ESL One tournament is an unforgettable experience, and one that causes fans to travel far and wide to see their favourite teams and talents. Everything’s better with friends, but sometimes they can’t make it and end up missing out. This is where ‘Project Ancient’ comes in! Led by Sheever with help of SirActionSlacks and assisted by the reliable logistic services of DHL, the secret mission aims to deliver cool surprises to those unable to attend ESL One Birmingham.Do you have a friend who’s missing out on ESL One Birmingham despite being a massive fan? We’ve got you covered! Surprise them by joining ‘Project Ancient’ and winning them a special delivery from DHL.

So, how do you sign up? First and foremost, we’ll need your name, age, address, email and telephone number. Next, we’ll want the name and age of your friend (you can even send us a photo of them if you’d like!). Last but by no means least, you’ll have to give us the reason why your friend deserves to be a part of ‘Project Ancient’!

SirActionSlacks will make sure to give Sheever the best training to make unveiling ‘Project Ancient’ at ESL One Birmingham an unforgettable experience for fans both at the tournament and around the globe.

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