WTCC: New World Champion crowned in Thailand

Exciting action in last weekend’s World Touring Car Championship: Jose-Maria Lopez clinched the title ahead of time in the eleventh race of the season in Thailand.

In the hunt for the DHL Pole Position, World Champion Jose-Maria Lopez showed at an early stage just who was boss at the Cheng International Circuit in Buriram. The Argentinean was the only one to crack 1:38 with a time of 1:37.916 minutes, thus securing his sixth pole position.

Lopez defends title

And the Argentinean continued his run of success in the race. The reigning world champion clinched the title with a win in the first race in Thailand. Lopez easily dominated the fixture. Attacks from rival Sebastien Loeb did not put the Citroën driver off his stride.

Loeb finally made a comeback in the second race in Thailand. Pole-sitter Norbert Michelisz was overtaken after just a few laps by Tiago Monteiro, who was actually crowned the winner of the second race at the weekend. However, the Portuguese driver was excluded from the results retrospectively after the event had to be stopped due to poor visibility and delighted runner-up Loeb was declared the winner.

Tom Coronel meets young people from SOS children villages at career camp organized by DHL

DHL Ambassador Tom Coronel had another special date on his schedule apart from his WTCC commitment in Thailand. The Dutchman paid a visit to the Ton Kla Camp set up by DHL and spoke with participants about self-worth and self-confidence as part of a career oriented program. The three-day workshop was specially organized for children from SOS children's villages in Thailand.

"The first step for these students in achieving their goals and realizing their dreams is to believe in themselves, develop confidence and a strong sense of self-worth," said an impressed Coronel after his visit. "At the session today organized by DHL, I hope I contributed in part to helping young people at SOS children’s villages build the confidence to win at whatever they decide to do with their lives."

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