Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull Air Race: 2015 champion is crowned

The title fight in the 2015 Red Bull Air Race world championship has been decided. Paul Bonhomme secured his third world title with second place in the grand finale at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Winner on the day Matt Hall finished championship runner-up, while Austrian Hannes Arch in P5 defended his position as winner of the bronze medal. 

Paul Bonhomme or Matt Hall – the British pilot answered the question of who would be crowned 2015 Red Bull Air Race Champion on Sunday. Despite wind, rain and technical problems, Bonhomme remained cool in the final decisive race, clinching the title at an early stage by going through to the Final 4. With title wins in 2009 and 2010, Bonhomme is the first pilot to become world champion three times. "This is certainly the most wonderful title of my career. The level of competition is higher than ever before with at least ten pilots capable of winning a race."

With his third title in the bag, the British pilot did not even begrudge his rival Hall's eventual victory on the day in the final race. This was the second victory of his career for Australian, Hall. "It's been a great year," said a delighted Hall. "Congratulations to Paul and hats off to his achievement."

Meanwhile, Peter Besenyei, one of the founders of the Red Bull Air Race bowed out after ten seasons and over sixty races, ending his career at the season finale. "After an incredible period in my life, I want to spend more time with my family. Obviously, I'm going to miss the races," said the 2003 world champion.

Over the pond

The pilots had to travel over the pond to the USA for the final two races. The first stopover was at the end of September in Fort Worth/Texas before the finale in mid-October over a thousand miles away in Las Vegas, Nevada. No easy task for official logistics partner DHL.

Simply because transporting equipment overseas is never an easy matter. No less than two Boeing 747 cargo planes, carrying 90 to 100 tons each, were needed to transport equipment and racing planes from Europe to America. The aircraft were subsequently unloaded by some 20 staff.

All the infrastructure required for the world's fastest motorsport series is assembled and disassembled afresh at every stopover during the season and includes grid stand, race club, hangars, cranes for the air gates, electrical equipment and TV broadcasting center.

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