Gewandhausorchester and DHL deliver ten “Pop-Up” concerts

If you're blue and you don't know where to go to … Why don't you go where fashion sits? Puttin' on the Ritz! Suddenly a DHL truck pulls up: in front of the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig, at the market square in Delitzsch, the small town in northern Saxony, at the Augustusplatz in front of Leipzig’s “City-Hochhaus” high-rise, at the park on Cospudener Lake, and at many more locations in and around the city. The truck cuts its engine, the awning rolls out, and the trailer transforms into a stage. Soon the sounds of Irving Berlin’s jazz standard “Puttin’ on the Ritz” fill the air thanks to “Leipzig Brass”, the ensemble of Gewandhausorchester brass musicians.

The kids in the audience start dancing right away, followed soon enough by the adults – hesitantly at first, then with more and more abandon. The musicians are clearly having fun, too. Several more pieces follow, including “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba” by George Frideric Handel. The musicians bow to their loud and appreciative audience, then they’re off to the next stop.

On three days in September, the Gewandhausorchester brass musicians and DHL brought a total of ten “Pop-Up” concerts to enthusiastic listeners in and around Leipzig.

Truck does more than transport

“This initiative built on our joint project from spring and summer 2021, when we joined with Gewandhausorchester musicians to give a small musical gift to listeners in several retirement homes and refugee centers,” explains Ralph Wondrak, Managing Director of DHL Hub Leipzig. “This time we delivered music to a diverse range of locations – not just in busy urban centers, but also to people in the suburbs and surrounding communities.”
DHL’s “showtruck” played an important role in the concert series, providing not only the necessary transport, but also the stage for the Gewandhaus musicians.

“We are proud that we could join with our longtime partner DHL to make these unique concerts possible and bring joy to people throughout the region.”

Prof. Andreas Schulz

Gewandhaus Director

“Both kids and adults were dancing in the street. It was wonderful to see how much joy our concerts brought to people.”

David Cribb

Gewandhausorchester musician

“It was a master performance – both logistically and musically. We are proud of our small three-day, ten-concert tour through the Leipzig area, and we loved seeing the many happy faces in the audience.”

Stefan Macourek

DHL Hub Leipzig

Come again soon!

Audiences responded very positively to the joint DHL-Gewandhausorchester project. “Some listeners asked us where we were going next so they could ride ahead on their bikes and listen to the concert a second time,” reports Wondrak. “Others urged us to please come again soon.” Wondrak doesn’t yet know whether there will be more Pop-Up concerts in the near future. But as partner to this world-class, Leipzig-based orchestra, he considers it a duty of sorts to do more than take Gewandhausorchester music to far-away places: “We’ll also be doing something for the city of Leipzig and the region, since this is our home.”

DHL part of the orchestra team

As Official Logistics Partner of the Gewandhausorchester since 2009, DHL makes sure all the necessary stage equipment – from baton to standup bass – arrives intact and on time to venues all across the globe whenever the orchestra is on tour. Along with all Gewandhausorchester instruments, DHL transports the musicians’ music stands, sheet music and wardrobe. In all, Gewandhausorchester equipment comprises several thousand individual pieces totaling about eight metric tons, with some of the precious musical instruments transported in special temperature-controlled containers.

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