Formula E

Formula E unveils revolutionary new front wing

Formula E has a reputation for repeatedly breaking new ground. And that will also be the case in the coming season 2016/17. The Formula E car is about to get a quite distinctive look!

A completely redesigned front wing gives the cars a fresh and more aggressive appearance. The innovative side of Formula E doesn’t stop at styling either.

The new front wing will be making its first public appearance in tests to be held at Donington in the UK on 23rd August 2016. Initial feedback on the wing has been very positive.

„Formula E aims to be different, and this new front wing creates a look that’s different to every other car out there,“ said Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag. „I think this is a great addition to our car and further emphasizes the fact that this is a modern, forward-thinking championship that is taking a completely different approach to all other racing series.“

FIA President Jean Todt has also expressed his opinion of the new design: „The FIA Formula E Championship is not just a great environment in which to develop a completely electric powertrain with new battery technologies, but it is also a platform for experimenting with innovative solutions when it comes to designing single-seater racing cars.“

Test drives have already been conducted with the new design. Sebastien Buemi was favorably impressed: „I like the look of the new front wing - it looks a little bit more futuristic,“ said the reigning Formula E champion. „We want Formula E to look different and be different, and the new wing is a good way of showing that.“

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