Formula E

DHL Experience in the eVillage: The Power Bikes

Unique opportunity in Hong Kong eVillage: DHL, official logistics partner and a founding partner of Formula E, invites all fans there to try out a very special innovation, the DHL Powerbike.

The DHL Power Bike is the first electricity-generating bicycle to power logistics operations in Hong Kong. Developed in collaboration with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - School of Engineering in 2013, the DHL Power Bike blends creativity and sport to provide a renewable source of energy as part of the company's commitment to sustainable business, environmental conservation, conducive working environment, and education support.

Based on a modified spinning exercise bicycle with a power generator attached, the DHL Power Bike enables riders to exercise while generating power, storing energy in a reusable external battery with output shown on handlebar-mounted monitors. The charged batteries will be used to recharge the electronic hand-held mobile scanners used by DHL couriers, providing a renewable, sustainable source of energy. After pedaling for just one minute, approximately 1.2Wh power is generated which is equivalent to 3 shipment scans.

GoGreen and GoTeach

The DHL Power Bike contributes to two of DHL’s corporate responsibility pillars – GoGreen and GoTeach. GoGreen is DHL’s ongoing sustainable business program, where the company has set the goal of improving its CO2 efficiency by 30 percent over the 13-year period from 2007 to 2020, while GoTeach, DHL’s second Corporate Responsibility pillar with a focus on education, concentrates on bringing academic expertise into commercial practice and thus contributes to protecting the environment. So you see, the collaboration between DHL and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is a perfect example of what can be achieved.

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