The incredible logistics of racing during a pandemic

2020 - A Formula 1® season like no other

How do you stage an ambitious, continent-spanning, 17-race season in the midst of a global pandemic? F1’s radical rethink combined with DHL’s logistical know-how made the impossible possible! The scale of the crisis showed its true colors when the Australian GP, and all the subsequent races this season, were cancelled. What resulted was a condensed season that delivered all the drama and exhilaration of a normal season in a staggering 24 weeks.

Uncertainty was the biggest challenge. With lockdowns and restrictions testing the limitations of every event, the DHL team were ready to deliver to any track within a 10-day window. To ensure maximum flexibility, DHL set up four main hubs across the globe, coordinated drivers to the millisecond and covered huge distances in record time. And all in keeping with their sustainability targets! Utilizing the power of 5G, delivery vehicles were monitored for fuel consumption and efficiency. Such state-of-the-art technology meant that they didn’t just keep to schedule, they were ahead of it!

Thanks to the innovation and hard work of all teams involved, records were beaten, champagne was sprayed and heroes were celebrated. After winning the Turkish GP in November, Lewis Hamilton became a 7-time F1 World Champion. In Russia, Red Bull Racing claimed the DHL Fasted Pit Stop Award in an eye-watering 1.86 seconds. Tears were never in short supply!

A truly monumental year for F1 and DHL calls for celebration. Expert logistics, stringent health and safety regulations and, of course, some of the fastest cars on the planet has made 2020 remarkable. Rounding up the season in Abu Dhabi, the team has proved to be unstoppable.