La Maison DHL

Our Fashion Legacy

We take pride in partnering with major fashion events and fashion councils around the globe and helping young designers find their feet in the international world of fashion. If you love fashion, then you’ll know who we are. We’re about Positive Fashion. We are fast and reliable. We’re red and yellow. We’re DHL.

To celebrate our continuing contribution to the fashion industry, we are proud to unveil La Maison DHL. Showcasing our proudest achievements and the important milestones of our partners, it’s an ode to the past, present and future role of Positive Fashion. Step this way and immerse yourself in our fashion world.

We deliver fashion, to stores and right to your door! For many years, we have helped the most iconic fashion designers and labels in the world, expand worldwide by providing sustainable solutions and even inspired some of them to use our DHL colors and logo in their collections and runway shows.