Forever pieces
design a women’s forever-garment

For your chance to be part of a limited charitable collection and win a €1.000 cash prize!

Forever Pieces

Be part of the Forever Pieces collection

Those pieces you wear again and again. That have a permanent place in your closet. That you could wear every day. That make you feel beautiful, self-confident, and comfortable on any occasion. We all want these staple items, but, they’re far too rare.

We want to remedy this now and find the up-and-coming sustainable designers for our competition “Forever Pieces”. If you share our craving for these pieces and have always dreamed of walking past someone on the street wearing a piece you designed, then we are looking for you! To take part, we’ll need you to get creative. Click through our slideshow for details!

Your design(s) will be evaluated by a jury led by Jelena Hofmann, founder and lead designer of the Munich-based fashion label Mykke Hofmann. If your sketch(es) is selected by the jury, the design(s) will become part of a limited women’s collection that meets the highest eco-social standards, using some of the best sustainable fabrics and materials. The winning pieces will be produced by Mykke Hofmann in their facility in Serbia, which provides secure jobs and fair pay to 20 women of all generations.

The items will then be marketed and sold through Mykke Hofmann’s online shop and your collection promoted through a social media campaign, showcasing your creation and you! A real chance to make a name for yourself within the fashion industry. The best part? You’ll receive a cash reward of €1000 for each selected design and we commit to donating all the revenue generated by the sales to a charitable initiative.

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